~Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sarah- Love, Adam- 30

Hi Sarah!

I should have some time to see you this weekend if I end up staying in town. I have [my daughter] overnight Fri and may take a last minute trip somewhere on Sat - Mon/Tues though. I'll let you know.


Hi Adam!

I'm not sure what my plans are this weekend-- I'm going out of town on either Friday or Saturday night. Maybe we can catch up another time. Keep me posted.


In case you weren't keeping score, that would be a plus one to me. I really am going out of town this weekend, but it felt good to say it, especially to his "if I can't find anything better to do this weekend" invite.

I wonder how this would play out according to Indy's rules?


Anonymous said...

If he has this level of commitment (uhm, not much) when just dating, he isn't much of a catch. Backburner is right, he's just checking to see if you're still simmering away.

He isn't playing by Indy's rules because he didn't make a firm Saturday night offer. You're therefore under absolutely no obligation to make a counter offer, in fact, your counter "whatev's" is bang on the money.

SuvvyGirl said...

What is wrong with people sometimes?! It's always so frustrating when someone seems like one thing at first and then turn out to be completely opposite. I love Disney movies, but honestly I think they screwed us over as children. Love never happens the way it does in those movies.

Sarah said...

Nick- I thought of that too. I don't care what the protocol is in this situation. :)

Suvvy- God I could write a book on that theory. Not just Disney movies, chick flicks too. "Sliding Doors" and "Someone Like You" will NEVER happen in real life.

"The Notebook?" Forget about it. That movie will RUIN girls.

Jen said...

I love the I SHOULD HAVE time IF I end up staying in town. Doesn't he realize that he is making you the backup plan? I personally, do not like to be the back up especially in the realm of dating. You want to feel wanted. I will let my friends get away with this once or twice but that is different.

I liked your response. You couldn't have said it any better.

M said...

I really hate the phrase "real man" (what the hell does it mean in this day and age anyway?) - but I'm sitting here thinking "where are all the real men?" Seriously, where are they? I mean noone is asking for a hit over the head with a club and dragging us back to the cave but some degree of conviction is desirable, surely.

I like your email back. "Keep me posted" heh - good one.

Phil said...

hee hee hee

Nice one Sarah, especially because you are busy this weekend!

Indiana said...

If you played by Indy's rules you woudln't have replied at all...but since when do I have rules ~grin~ they are more like guidelines or suggestions.

Sarah said...

Jen- when I get fed up, my tolerance for shit is nonexistent!

Mez- I want a beer drinking man with no sex issues. Is that too much to ask. Oh, it is? My bad!

Phil- thanks! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?! hehe :)

Indy- Why would you not have responded? tell me tell me tell me!

Rocky Mountain Princess said...

I hope you have fun this weekend!! Don't you dare spend more than two minutes a day checking your voicemails either. I've learned the hard way that your friends tend to get a little pissy when you're supposed to be hanging with them and you're checking messages every hour, on the hour, to see if dickhead has called yet.

Yeah, I stopped doing that. But the temptation is still there.



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