~Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Making My Way

My mom made a friend for me. There is a woman at my mom's work who my mom really gets along with and they discovered they had daughters the same age that live in the same city who both enjoy knitting and sewing. So they passed our numbers along and I called (er, messaged through Facebook) and set up a lunch date with a visit to a local yarn shop. The first meeting was awkward—a bit like a blind date—but we kept calling each other and kept making plans and after the third time around, it seemed like a normal friendship, not a set-up by our mothers.

So now, instead of spending Friday nights on my couch with my craft books and materials, I'm sitting on her couch with my craft books and materials. I feel like this dramatically drops the loser quotient. One: I'm being social without actually having to go out. PJs is still an acceptable wardrobe. Well for her because it's her house; I have yet to cross that line. Two: I have living proof that I'm not the only single girl in my age bracket who isn't out drinking, but engaging in hobbies. And three: she has a subscription to crafting magazines and I don't, so I feel like I'm not the geekiest person out there.

Because I made the effort to network, I had another opportunity come my way. I was out to lunch with friends at and all-you-can-eat sushi buffet the other Friday and my friend brought her brother and the brother's girlfriend. Brother's Girlfriend asks me if I like to knit. I flashed her my scarf and she invited me to a once-a-week group stitch and bitch that knits for charity. So now I'm meeting people with my own interests and doing something to help others. Another reason I'm not feeling like a loser anymore.

Also, at the same sushi lunch, a guy friend revealed he had two front-row seats to Cirque du Soleil and would I like to go with him? I clapped in response, never having been to any form of circus before. It was fucking fantastic.

~Monday, February 02, 2009


I've become somewhat of a light sleeper. Scott's nightly work schedule has him up and wandering the apartment at all hours of the night. Lately I'll wake up to sounds of the TV, frying bacon, or the small wind chime tied to the front door that the dog rings when she wants to go out. I usually identify the noise, holler at Scott to keep it down, roll over, and go back to sleep.

Last night I woke up to Scott getting out of bed at some early hour in the morning. He walked in the closet, flipped the light on and looked confused. I figured he was looking for the bathroom but went in the wrong door, as he often does when he gets up from deep sleep. He then walked out of the closet and back into the bedroom where he stared at the bedroom floor for a moment, and then he brushed back the curtain to leave the bedroom.

Ah, he found the bathroom, I thought.

Then I heard the wind chime tied to the front door jingle as he unlocked both locks and left the apartment.

Did I mention he was stark naked when all this happened?

I realized he was sleep walking, something he hasn't done for about six months- long enough for me to forget about his habit. Remembering all the traumatic times when I woke him up in the middle of it, I counted the seconds and debated how long I should wait before I retrieve my nude boyfriend from wandering around the apartment building and possibly getting arrested. Just when my nervousness peaked, the bell chimed as he came back in, locked both locks, came back into the bedroom and brushed the closet light off before collapsing back into bed.

"Um, baby?"

"Mmm garble."

"You awake?"


He was in deep enough sleep that my suspicion has been confirmed. I got up and went outside into the building hallway to spy any evidence of what Scott was doing outside, but found none. I can't wait till I get home from work today to tell him what he did last night, but whatever he did will remain a mystery.


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