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A Call for Answers: Coupling

Thanks to General Boy, my new metrosensual best friend, I have now watched the entire series of BBC's "Coupling." (Oddly enough, the US version barely deviated from the British version, yet the show tanked in the States. If it had made it past three episodes, however, it would have had to digress majorly because no way would that stuff see the light of day on network TV.)

Due to cultural differences though, a few jokes are lost on me and require further clarification. I am calling for answers.

"Gusset, gusset, gusset!" Jeff

What is a gusset?
I tried Googling it, but I still have no idea what it is. It seems to be Jeff's favorite word though, especially when his lady-friends don't speak English.

"It is the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche. We like: naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond, because that is what being a boy is." Steve

Steve: She just leans over, looks me in the eyes and says "I'm wearing stockings".
Jeff: Nooo...
Steve: And she has never worn them before. Not once in the entire relationship. I BEGGED!

What are stockings?
I think pantyhose when I hear stockings. However, the men repeatedly mention their attraction to stockings and I just don't get it.

"I guess I wasn't man enough for her." Patrick

How often do you check out each other at urinals?
Is it just me, or is there a lot of urinal peeking on that show? As a non-urinal user, it was my understanding that there is a Urinal Code: you don't use the urinal next to a guy unless there is a "full house," you don't shake more than three times, and you don't check out the guy next to you. A survey of drunken coworkers confirmed this. Is it like that in other countries?

Next Post: The Melty Man...


Cath said...

You seriously don't know what a gusset is?.... It is the part of the underwear or panty hose that lies directly under the female gentalia..... the fun area.

As for stockings/pantyhose... I generally interchange them myself, but really, no man likes pantyhose... they want stockings.

I, too, recently watched the entire series of Coupling, and laughed out loud more often than I have in a very long time. Wonderful stuff..... and sometimes eerily close to the bone!

Vinca Pervanche said...

A gusset is the (usually) cotton part of your panties or pantyhose.

Stockings are like pantyhose legs that clip onto a garter belt worn around your waist. You can also get ones that will stay up without the garter belt (like thigh-highs). Most men find them incredibly sexy.

Hope that helps!

jedimerc said...

Can't go wrong with stockings...

And I was pretty sure there is a 'urinal code' in the States, and I strictly abide by those rules.

'Coupling' certainly would have had to deviate eventually... the few episodes I saw were definitely too 'mature' for network TV, even Boston Legal :)

Sarah said...

Cath- That's what the gusset is? We just call that the liner. I asked around on that too: NO ONE knew!

I can understand Jeff screaming "nipple" because it's a sensitive body part that sometimes makes appearances through clothing, but why on earth would he be fixated on a gusset? That's just random. And weird!

Vinca- Ah! The garter belt! Yeah I have one of those, I've never worn it either. So I guess that joke is true! HAHAHAHA!

Guys: does the garter belt and stockings turn you on? What about the gusset? (cringe)

Jedimerc- So you agree about the urinal code in the States. But what about elsewhere? Is there a universal urinal code? I guess Germany would have to be exempt from that as they are sitters.

Vinca Pervanche said...

I'm from Canada and I've just confirmed with my boyfriend (a very reliable source on stupid "guy codes") that the urnial code is true.

M said...

hehe, what Cath said! Pantyhose are like leggings. Stockings either have that sticky bit that holds onto the thigh or clips to the garter.

jedimerc said...

I know in Australia, they don't have private urinals in a lot of public restrooms, but these cavernous empty urinals. For the most part, I was left alone. (except for the crazy guy that asked me to watch in a gas,er.. petrol station). I politely declined, needless to say :)

londongirl said...

Gusset is one of those comedy words, a bit like moist, that because of it's association to lady bits, sends boys laughing every time. Basically, they are teenagers inside, even if they pretend to be older...

As for urinal ettiquette... try this for size. You'll be surprised at what boys know. It's not always as easy as it looks.

adventure boy said...

I LOVE Coupling. Hmm could it be because I relate better to these intelligent, slightly childish 30-somethings than to, say, the plasticky Friends?

I guess we could rank ourselves on a scale of relevant tv series. Here's a suggestion, going from the least to the most mature:

Dawson's Creek
Gray's Anatomy
What about Brian?
Ally McBeal
Cold feet
Ab Fab

Jen said...

Sarah, I also recently watched the whole series as well. I haven't laughed like that in ages. I do have to say that I was very disappointed when Jeff left the show...and I would have to say that Jeff was fixated on the gusset cause he is random and weird!

Sarah said...

Vinca- So no peeking? That's what I thought.

M- Sticky bits to hold it up? I stay towards the tights genre, sounds simpler :)

Jedimerc- they have those troughs? (Please don't ask me why I know this stuff.)

And it's fillin' station!

LondonGirl- I did pretty well at the game! lol

Adventure Boy- I liked Coupling better than Friends too, mainly cause I liked the pervy humor. Oh well.

I HATE that What About Brian show! Don't get me started on how sexist it is! Dawson's Creek was also an eye roller for me. I *heart* OC and Grey's though!

Jen- I warmed up to Oliver. It was the episode when Jane came over and there was porn everywhere that cracked me up!

Yes, I guess it does fit then!

Amber said...

Hmm, I've never even heard of the show so I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to comment about or add to. But I'd figure I'd at least leave SOMETHING so you knew I was still reading, :).

Hope all is well!

Phil said...

Hmmmmmm stockings.

But they are tricky buggers to undo and it's breaks the spell to say "Wait a minute Honey, I need to turn on a light"

LondonGirl wrote moist. Hee!

Indiana said...

Stocking...erm...what was I going to say again...

And you don't even need to take them off...that little flash of skin between stocking top and skirt when a lady sits before she adjusts her skirt is enough to have most men lose all train of...erm...mmm...what was I saying

Scorpy said...

I like stockings because they give you that flash of upper thigh and are a whole lot sexier to take off than pantyhose :)
"I wasn't man enough" doesn't necessarily reflect on the size of his penis but is usually an overall description of the whole man…Bravado, machismo, strength, honesty etc (whatever criteria you picture a man to be)
Urinal etiquette is eyes above the height of the urinal and usually pick a spot directly in front..we do not compare :)

Sarah said...

Amber- Hi!

Phil- I have no idea as I have never worn them. I must spend some time to figure it out though if it's as agreeable to men as you're acting!

Moist ;)

Indiana- HAHAHA!

Scorpy- Fine! I will work the garter belt thing this weekend! LOL! Thank you! You are the only one who answered my urinal question!

Chopsticks said...

I didn't know what a gusset was either. I have been enlightened.

Stockings sound complicated, but perhaps they are cute enough to be worth the complication.

Sarah said...

Thank you Chopsticks, for confirming that we don't use gusset in America.

I'll let you know how this garter thing works out ;)

general_boy said...

my new metrosensual best friend

I am sniggering SOOOOOOOOO hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad to see everyone else has jumped in and answered these all important questions for you. Because Australia is still essentially a British colony ( as in we are the spawn of Great Britain's colon ) such nuances require no explanation, but it's often easy to forget the cultural gap. I am pleased to see that Coupling's "pervy humour" trancends said gaps.

I was really sad to see Jeff go. Oliver does grow on you as you say, but Jeff... well... he's simply the best character in the series IMHO. Funny... I never ever compared it to Friends... but now you mention it...

Now the Melty Man, that's a funny one indeed, but have you seen Inferno yet?

Steve's speech is pure gold. Look forward to your synopsis. ;)

Sarah said...

Inferno was hilarious. I love Steve's rants and I'm glad he got one good one a season.

Still The Woman with Two Breats was probably my favorite :)

whereiskelso said...

British humour. You need to live there to really understand it, i guess. Current marvelous tv comedies, such as Coupling, can trace their roots easily back to the Carry On Films of the 60's and 70's - http://www.carryonline.com/carry/cofilms.html - These films demonstrate perfectly, the British character - it is all about sexual innuendo, bottom functions, double-entendres, breast references etc etc.

But we, as a race, are far more coarse and disgusting than this popular international image. Therefore, a series like Coupling, a direct reflection of modern British life, works so well in the UK.

I actually live in Iceland now. They have a similar outlook and humour here. But i seem to be the only one sniggering, childishly, at the 'gusset' word...

Carry On Blogging, Sarah...

Sarah said...

Whereiskelso: Thanks for the recommendation! I will check them out and add them to my queue :)

whereiskelso said...

I wouldn't get too exctited - they are very dated and i'm not too sure how much you will get out of them...
I caught one of the American Coupling shows; Oh dear...

Sarah said...

We'll see. I absolutely love Fawlty Towers. It doesn't get much better than that German episode. Does that count?

So you saw one of the 3 episodes? ;)


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