~Monday, January 29, 2007

Snow Day!

Dear [Metropolis],

Thank you so much for installing that fiber optic cable underground over the summer, consequently clogging up the streets with your lane closures.

And, hey, thanks for poking a hole in the sewage system and not noticing it, so there has been sewage leaking underground for six or so months.

Who knew that all that sewage was going to burst the water main? I sure didn't.

The district that I work in has no water today due to this little faux pas. Apparently buildings can't function without working restrooms, so they closed my high-rise.

Snow day! Erm, without the snow, but it is really cold today. I'm sitting at home in my jammies with a cup of hot chocolate and my bubble bath is calling me as soon as I catch up on my blogs.

I might even turn the heat on.

So thanks, [Metropolis], for the day off. I'll let you get back to work seeing as it sounds like you have a lot of shit to deal with.



M said...

we have a current proposal to use treated sewerage as DRINKING water here!! No shit. (I'm switching to gin).

Amber said...

LOL @ "sounds like you have a lot of shit to deal with."

Enjoy your day off! :)

Sarah said...

M- I fully support your decision. Congrats on giving up the pee-water! :)

Amber- I do love a good pun. Heheh :)

Miss Natalie said...

It amazes me, we can fly man to the moon and yet need to cut off entire buildings supply to water.

Giddy up on the day off!

Drama Queen said...

Hi Sarah

Just thought I'd say hi, first time here so just trying to work out why they call you desperate (*she says rummaging through the archives*).

Will stay a while in the hope of an answer. . .


Sarah said...

Miss Natalie- They had to shut the water off everywhere. It was rushing out of the broken main so quickly that the street was under 3 feet of water.

Drama Queen- Thanks! I don't think it will be hard to figure out ;)

Jen said...

I also laughed at your shit pun. Hope you enjoyed your day.


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