~Friday, January 19, 2007

You know, because they keep bobbing around

I click on the thumbnail and huff. His headline reads, "I'm mildly drunk in this picture." What a tool.

His profile finishes loading and I fall out of my chair. The mildly drunk person on the screen is Kissing Bandit, who I have already unceremoniously dumped not once, but twice.

What a tool indeed.

I, for one, have too much pride to wink at someone online who has already dumped me. Twice. 99% of the people I know also have too much pride for that. Never let it be said that pride isn't a good thing. Because before you know it, someone will be blogging about how weird you are.

And how you can't kiss.


general_boy said...

Sarah... so does KB actually know it's you?

Sarah said...

Yes, I told him what site I was currently on. And the picture is unmistakably me.

Gabriel K. said...

Maybe KB is trying to be cute or trying to continue his selfish ways. Either way, wise choice to stay clear.

Jen said...

Yes, a definite tool. Persistence isn't always a good thing.

Scorpy said...

I live in a rural community of about 90,000 souls so when I internet date it seems I already know half of them. The next town is an hour and half's drive south and the northern town is three hours away so I am sort of confined to the single scene within my area...pretty lame really. I would hate to think someone reinvents themself (online) and I meet them a second time after a failure at the first meeting :)

jedimerc said...

I suppose anyone that has the profile name Kissing Bandit might be a bit prideful (and perhaps delusional um... not that using the word 'jedi' in a profile is delusional... two different things entirely :)

M said...

is there a section on the profile where you can rate them? ;)

Two Drink Girl said...

So, funny story; I was out at a bar the other night, and one of my friends said "I love to randomly make out with people. I'd say I'm a Kissing Bandit." And I snickered because of the association I have with your "Kissing Bandit."

Phil said...


That's what I call an ego.

michellesarah said...

D'ya think it's time to tell him about the nickname?

I think we need to become harsh! We're behind you Sarah!

Amber said...


They should really have a "flipped you off on xyz date" for situations just like this.

I think it would get the point across. Or... maybe not. But hey, ya never know. :)

adventure boy said...

I like communication so I would be direct and tell him I don't fancy him and that I don't want any contact with him any more.

Sarah said...

Gabriel- Our mutual friends think he's trying to be cute, but I still can't get past the creepy aspect.

Jen- Persistence is terrible when it's already been decided that you would be bad in bed.

Scorpy- Reinventing oneself seems pretty popular online. Unfortunately an image will only last so long in real life.

Jedimerc- Oh no, that was a nickname I dubbed him after he kept molesting my head the night I met him.

M- There is!!! I have mine turned off, but maybe his is on. I will have to check. GENIUS!

TDG- Yes, I have definitely given the name a negative connotation!

Phil- Oh you think it's sooo funny!
Okay, it kinda is :P

Michellesarah- I think I took care of that when I got drunk on Friday and told our mutual friends exactly what I thought of him winking at me online. I'm sure the message will get across.

Amber- No kidding!

Adventure Boy- I deleted all his information months ago. I have no way to contact him unless I do it through the site and spend some of my points. And I'm not spending my points to tell someone to bugger off!


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