~Thursday, March 22, 2007

Like a Lion

In high school, I bought a book my friend wanted for her birthday. It was titled Seduction by the Stars: An Astrological Guide to Love, Lust, and Intimate Relationships. It was basically a book that suggested ways of getting someone to sleep with you based on their astrological sign. As friendships go, we had a falling out right before her birthday and I never gave her the book. It sat on my shelf until college when I was old enough to be interested in sex.

Then I realized that I am, in fact, a girl. I don't need a book to get laid; I just need to say, "Yes please! I do believe that would be an okay thing to do."

Regardless, the book is kind of fun. I like to pull it off the shelf every time I meet someone new. Not only does it suggest specific foreplay, but it also gives ideas on where to go on dates, hot conversation topics (music and art, who knew!?), and bedroom patterns.

On the phone with Jack this week, I opened the book and read about Leos. I like to start with the section about all their faults. When I read the first sentence, "It will feel like you're dating a spoiled child," Jack erupted in a full-body laugh. And laughed much longer than I anticipated.

Then he laughed some more.

I guess he strongly identified with that statement.

To be fair, I read him the section on my faults. He now knows all about the Titanic Taurean Temper Tantrums with the appropriate bull in china shop analogy.

Then I moved on to "Leos at their best." I read the paragraph first silently and then asked, "Would you say you're big-hearted?"

Jack paused and the spoke in a softened tone, "I would say my heart is my favorite thing about me."

I bit my lower lip and smiled. I wasn't sure about things after The Most Awkward Conversation. I'm not biting to move forward, but it did cause for thought when he suggested we wait. I believe Jack's intentions are sincere, but other parts seem so familiar. Adam used to talk about the future too. It's no longer a gauge for how the relationship is going. It's requiring faith on my part. Jack's big on faith.

But there are other signs that give me faith. Like Jack's heart. I don't think someone would proclaim that about himself unless he was sincere.

He also asked to meet the friends on Friday. N can't make it and she's crushed, but Mel will be there and she matters very much to me: Jack has to pass her smell test. He's coming out to my turf. He's immersing himself in my world.

That definitely wins a little faith.


Anonymous said...

Interesting book. Reminds me of one I have on the shelf next to my bed (just fyi, I have a whole book case next to the bed and roughly fifty books in it so this is not the only book I have next to the bed. But this one is there).

"Position of the Day"

It's got exactly that, one sexual position per day of the whole year. 365 different positions. From the kind people at nerve.com. Subtitle "Sex every day in every way". Very useful. I have to say I haven't tried them all, or even half of them. In fact I think some positions are not even physically possible (like Missionary Impossible or The Silent Treatment). Anyway, your comment on why you don't actually need the book to get laid is interesting. From a guy's perspective I can say it is damned frustrating that this is the way the world works (and I say this aware of how much flak I got on my blog for the sex thing with Barbie). A girl can go out any evening and have sex. It may not be the best she has ever had but she'll get it. This is not the case for guys. Sure we can get laid with old desperate ladies but if we're talking reasonable age brackets it's not equal.

dont eat the token said...

Fun stuff, I have similar books.

And I'm a Leo.

And I would have laughed a lot as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm a leo and I don't act like a spoiled child. I just expect people to love me with gifts.

M said...

ooooo what does it say about Aries?!? (that would be me, I'm thinking of seducing myself).

I once read somewhere that in dealing with the Aries one doesn't ask permission to kiss, one should just grab and kiss and be bold. I couldn't think of anything truer when dealing with me. I wonder if this book confirms or denies that!

general_boy said...

How did I miss that you were a Taurean? And why do I feel like I relate more easily to women born in May? AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!! I. AM. NOT. HAVING. THIS. CONVERSATION. Pseudoscience! Gaaaahhhh!!!!!!! ;)

Drama Queen said...

He wants to meet the friends? Defo a good sign. Tells you more than his words ever will.

Good luck. I hope he passes the test.

Miss Frou Frou said...

Sarah, I've got the same book, it's actually very funny, but also pretty accurate, for me anyway, as a Piscean. ..I want a controlled, caring brute. A gentle monster. A macho pussycat... (probably why I'm so attracted to Leo's). I love the little sayings at the start of each chapter...mine..life's too hard. Couldn't I try something easier - like astrophysics?

Walter said...

Will it mean anything if Mel likes his smell, but then suddenly sneezes?

Megan said...

that book sounds interesting.

about the faith, i 100% agree with you. after having more than one guy speak of the future, i decided to wait until i have a ring on my finger to really 100% believe in it.

Sarah said...

Adventure Boy- I love Nerve.com! Hey, it goes the same for girls. If she wanted to get laid, it's not like she has her pick of the bar. Or do we? I've never actually tried...

Don't Eat Token- After it was pointed out to me, I noticed he really does act like a spoiled child. Lucky for him right now that's endearing.

Phil- I do believe that was the next sentence. :P

M- I'll look it up just for you :)

General Boy- See?! We're SOOO best friends! Wheee!

Drama Queen- Oh god, I just hope he doesn't run away screaming.

Miss Frou Frou- Oh I love the little sayings too! I'll have to look those up! Yeah it takes the personality traits (ie Taureans are stubborn) and puts a sex spin on it (it will be difficult to try new positions).

I think Pisces is the sign with the cuddle litmus test. I LOVE THAT.

Walter- It's more important if she smells whether he's a closet asshat or not. :)

Nicole- They just get so excited in the beginning--moreso than women I believe--and the women will just follow the pace he sets and then all of a sudden, things are moving too fast? NOT OUR FAULTS.

No, this doesn't irritate me at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Leo! And I'm the most big-hearted person I know! Mwahahah! Is 'lack of humility' on the list of bad traits?

What does it say about Sagittarius? (McDreamy!)

Eddy said...

As a Piscean, what is the cuddle litmus test, sounds like it might be important?

Amber said...

Sounds like things are moving forward and you're slowly starting to trust, Sarah.

It's good for you! Even if it is terrifying. I'm proud of ya, sweetie. He sounds like a good guy, even if he is annoyingly vague at times.

Sarah said...

Venting- yeah I think "lack of humility" also mentioned :)

I'll have to look that up for another post!

James- The cuddle litmus test is a very important gauge of body language, not just for the Picean. You can tell how into you someone is based on the hug they give you. I have it bookmarked. Hee.

Amber- Annoyingly vague. Yup, that about sums it up.

dont eat the token said...

We're spoiled through no fault of our own. Other people shower us with attention. And we are very benevolent. ;)


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