~Monday, April 09, 2007

Why working sucks

Work continues to be padded-room crazy. The Hairless Chimpanzees, liking the work I do to maintain our company website, decided that I was cheap enough skilled enough to redesign our entire website.

In 5 weeks.

And, uh, I never took a course or even read a book on HTML and CSS; I've just picked everything up through my four years of blogging. Which means when my boss asked me to sit down and provide her with a project schedule, my head screamed, "How the #%$&! do you schedule in spending three hours on a margin that won't behave!?"

I'm used to working under the radar, and having weekly meetings with THE BOARD isn't exactly a position I want to be in. They can tell if I screw up so much easier when they're flapping at my desk every two minutes.

At first I was really excited about the redesign: I could use my artistic eye and fix a lot of problems I saw with our current website. My philosophy was if I wasn't interested enough to read the words, then no one was. I planned more white space, huge margins, a sidebar, clean lines, and a non-monochromatic color scheme. But while I was gone for Good Friday, THE BOARD redesigned my redesign and we're back to four different shades of blue and words jumbled every which way on the page.

It's very... whimsical.

(It's like when Word first came out and people realized they could have wavy text and shadow letters, and no one had quite figured out yet that they were ugly. Kinda like that. And by "kinda like that," I mean "exactly like that." Yes Virginia, wavy text and shadow letters are involved. Oh thank God they haven't figured out there is such a thing as blinking text.)

So this project has gone from something that I could ask for a raise and put on my résumé, to "No, Future Employer, my company does not have a website."

And frankly, when I get home the last thing I want to do is fight with Blogger and bang my head over more web stuff. I have stories. The boy is still around, but we've both been crazy busy (me with the Hairless Chimpanzees and him with whatever he does. He's IT and works for a website that's been having server problems while rebranding itself through the takeover of several smaller websites. The Wonderful World of Web.)

So that's me. I'm alive. Still kicking.

Damning the Man.


Two Drink Girl said...

Damn the Man. Save the Empire!

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Scorpy said...

as I said in your last post....are you sure you don't work with me? LOL

Sarah said...

Two Drink Girl- I said it mentally too!

Scorpy- Wait. Is that you on the other side of the partition?!

Walter said...

Cool, I've looked at the source for the "blinking" text and learned something new today. Muchas Gracias Mija!

Anonymous said...

survival of the fittest, baby.

SuvvyGirl said...

Well best of luck to you on the website redesign. I would not want to tackle a project like that but I am also technologically challenged. :P Maybe the boy might have some good ideas for you. But of course my Hubby is an IT guy and I hate asking him computer stuff. Makes me want to bang my head on a wall when my simple questioned has led to a half hour long answer. :P

Kaylen said...

Damn the Man indeed! I am planning my breakout concert on the roof later...

Please keep your blinking text to yourself-I refuse to allow my employer discover it!

adventure boy said...

Haha, i LOVE blinking text. Use it plenty. And if you can get those ants walking around the text like they have in MS Word (why ever that feature is still in there nobody knows) please do try. Hmm what else. Oh make sure you use tables instead of CSS. That will make sure to screw it up for users (as a little revenge I mean :)

dont eat token said...

:( Why'd they have to fuck it up!?

Dare you say you're a "contributor" on the resume'?

londongirl said...

Oh God. I hate it when people have no taste, but think they do.

Can you get out of it now?

Elaine said...

I believe that somewhere in this universe is a graphic designer who is able to convince executives that design by committee is a terrible mistake and can also get them to see how silly their ideas are and how great hers are. :::sigh:::

Until Super Graphic Designer comes along to teach us all her secrets, there's just us "art secretaries" :-p living for clients who let us do our jobs.


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