~Friday, May 18, 2007


I was done with Jack. Done. He didn't act surprised that I knew about the movie and he used the pronoun "we" without any other descriptors. "We just got done watching the movie and now I have to go home to work." I figured the only reason he was calling me was because he knew he was busted.

"But there's something I really want to tell you."

"I can't right now. I gotta go. You can tell me some other time."

I hung up the phone. Incredible, I thought. He doesn't care about me at all. I made a gin and tonic and sat down in front of the computer and remade another on-line profile. I needed a date with someone--anyone--else.


A new friend hired a local improv troupe to perform at her birthday party Saturday night. The group hung around afterwards and I went and made my hellos while grabbing another beer.

"You're the Seussical girl!"

Awesome. A new nickname. They had asked for a style of theatre and I shouted "Seussical!" to which no one knew what that meant. After I explained what it was, the boys laughed and did the best they could to improv a scene in the style of musical Dr. Seuss.

"Yeah, you made me feel dumb for shouting it out and no one knew what it was," I teased.

"No I loved it! It proved real improv because you had to explain it and we had to then perform it." He opened a fresh beer, "Have you been to our theatre before?"

"No, I just saw y'all at the Park events last summer."

"Do you remember me?" his friend asks.


"Were you hammered?"

I wasn't, but it was too soon to deliver a blow to the actor's ego. "Yes."

"I still can't believe you wouldn't remember me!" He lifted up the brace he uses to walk and acknowledged it.

"Well there was a guy in a wheelchair there last summer, right?"

"Yeah, but he works for the other improv house."

"Well I remember him! Maybe if you were more handicapped, I would have remembered you too!" I joked, and then realized immediately what an asshole comment that was.

The first guy doubles over laughing, "You've got moxie kid! What are you doing after the party?"

"I dunno."

"Well we're going drinking in [borough]. You want to join us?"

I probably would have said no had it not been the same borough that I live in. But it was and I was still mad at Jack. We exchanged numbers and they said they would call me when they were settled in a bar, and they left while I stayed on with my friends.

I met up with the group of guys a little after midnight. It's been awhile since I immersed myself in a new group and I was grateful for the opportunity. This is what I needed. Not surprisingly, I fit in with the group of guys very well. They may have been improv actors, but I can hold my own in wit and humor.

I was warned about one guy in particular. He was from New York and was crude and crass. So when I knocked him off his pedestal three separate times, I was formally inducted into the group.

"You've got moxie kid; we like you!" they cheered.

"Why do you keep saying that I have moxie?"

"Because you do! I can already tell: you're opinionated, sassy, and if you think someone is wrong, you have no problem putting him in his place."

I wasn't comfortable with the idea that I project those characteristics to people that don't know me. The girl they were depicting, I can describe in one word: bitch. I brushed the idea away, seeing as they are enjoying the girl with moxie, "And what's with the kid? Why do you keep calling me a kid?"

"That just goes with the saying. You can't say 'moxie' without 'kid.'"


I liked the guy. I wasn't immediately attracted to him--the boy needed a new haircut and an ironing board in a desperate kind of way--but as I talked with him, I realized that he's both cool and easy-going. He charms without trying too hard and he mingles with the group.

Instead being parked next to my side. Like his friend, the one I couldn't remember from last summer.

The friend was warm. He used his crutch effortlessly and I didn't have a problem with it at all, but as the night continued, the friend transitioned from warm to, well, forward.

"You deserve a steak dinner and a bottle of wine for putting up with my friends the way you do. What about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is Mother's Day." Stop trying so hard! my head pleaded.

"Well, whatever we become..."

Whatever we've become? I've known you for two hours. Just drink your beer and relax like your friend over there... mmmm.

It's entirely possible that the guy was only being cool because there was no pressure, because it was obvious that the friend had already staked claim to me. But what about what I wanted?

When it was time for me to go--it was after 4 a.m. and we had moved on the guy's house which was only a few miles from my own--the guy gave me a perfect hug.

"You're welcome here anytime. See ya later, Moxie. That's what I'm calling you for now on."

Awesome. A new nickname. I was hoping for an in to exchange numbers, but his friend butted in, "I'll walk you to your car."

As we walked to my car, he spoke of future dates he wanted to take me on, and I wasn't opposed to them, but I wanted to see if there was anything with the first guy--the one who dubbed me Moxie.

Is that possible? To transition to the other friend? Or is that something out of my league?


Single Girl said...

Yay for new men in the picture! Hmmm... I'll have to think about how to transition to the other guy. Maybe hand out with them again as a group, that way you might be able to get more of a feel for the other guy.

M said...

you mean if you get a feel for one and start up with him and then want to move to the other? No, don't know if that would work to your advantage at all - they are an established group of friends and even if the one you transitioned to liked you, the rest probably wouldn't rate you highly at all for being fickle about their friend. Better to be friends with everyone in a platonic way before making up your mind for real.

m-joy said...

Totally possible. There are no claims to a new girl that met the group simultaneously. That's simple.

The question is - how do you meet 'Moxie Man' without contacting the other guy or by going to another show of theirs? You don't have his number.

My perspective is they are both into you. (duh!)
You're an 'Up-For-Grabs-Cool-Single-Chick'.

As far as going forward. If you like Moxie Man then you can't date the other dude (at all - period). If Moxie Man doesn't work out you can hop over to other dude as long as you and Moxie Man haven't um...consumated OR gone on more than 3-5 dates. Cause you KNOW Moxie Man is going to mention it to the group (duh again!).

My suggestion (to casually interact with Moxie Man) is to get the scoop from the friend that had the party, then call the improv line and ask to speak specifically with him. Don't have to leave your name (you have the protection of the possible gig for them...) When (yes when) he calls seize the day.

AND like I said in the other - if you and Jack aren't explicitly exclusive you have FULL REIGN.

Sarah said...

Single Girl- Yes, it's a relief to worry about something else for once. :)

M- I think you're right, that's why I never said yes to the friend just yet. I need a better feel for the situation, preferably one when jager bombs aren't included.

M-Joy- Ooh! You're sneaky :). You don't think calling the improv line is a little stalkerish? I never considered asking the friend that threw the party, I might go through that route.

Phil said...

Moxie....hee I like that. Very apt.

Drama Queen said...

And you don't want the one that seems to overly want you. . .wouldn't life just be so much easier if you did. Easier but much more boring.

Amber said...

Hmm, that's a tricky situation.

Couldn't you just pretend that you've made overly-aggressive guy your new friend and ask him all about the one you like and make comments about how cute he is? Or would that be totally too obvious? Or maybe you should just be absolutely direct, but gentle, and let him know you'd like to be friends with him; but your interest flag really isn't flying his way? I'd choose the latter, but then, I'm not really in your shoes.

I think you've definitely got "moxie" and you've got common sense as well. Play it by ear and let Cute Guy know that you're interested. What's the worst thing that could happen?

You'll figure something out and when you do... please be sure to blog all about it! :)

general_boy said...

Jack... yo later dude!

LOL good work Moxie. ;)

Peach said...

yeah!!!!!!!! thank god Jack properly screwed it up this time and you quickly found new fun - friend or other friend...

dont eat the token said...

No need to be loyal to any one at this point. Go for the Moxie guy, there are no leagues here.

If he's not available it'll be easier to know sooner than later.

I totally crushed on this guy in a tango dance class and put major flirt vibes out there. He seemed attracted to me but never "went there." Anyway, a couple months later I heard about him and his GF. He either didn't want me to know or they were on the rocks. I wish he would have just said something! But that's how it goes -- and he had a friend who wasn't my type at all, too needy, too everything and he wound up creeping me the f* out.

Random story.


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