~Sunday, June 03, 2007


I stopped my TiVo and rewound the commercial. There, during Grey's Anatomy, was The Actor on TV. Not the guy who called me Moxie, but his friend--the one who had asked me out.

I slid my phone open and returned his call that I avoided earlier during the week. Again he asked me out and this time I accepted. He was a nice, good-looking guy who made it clear he was interested in me and I instead scoffed that he came on too strongly.

I'm not interested when things are too easy; after Jack, I should be so lucky.


Me said...

Why is easy such a bad thing?

Single Girl said...

Okay, you have to give us more than that!! What has happened since you first met The Actor and Co.? What is the latest with Jack? When are you going on the date with The Actor? Give us more!!!!

dont eat the token said...

Ah -- I should read ahead before commenting on past posts.

I hope that the date was a good one!

Two Drink Girl said...

Just because he's in a commercial doesn't mean he's worth it. You didn't like him before, has anything actually changed?

Is Jack Over?

Amber said...

Good luck, hun! I'll be waiting and reading to find out what happens! :)

Sarah said...

Me- it's not, just something I struggle with. My accepting the date was a chance to change this about me.

Single Girl- Okay! I give in!

Don't eat the token- No worries!

Two Drink Girl- The commercial served only as a reminder of him, I didn't accept because it gave him magical powers or anything.

Amber- I thought 2007 was going to be the good year? Oy!

Drama Queen said...

Haha so now he's in a commercial you like him!!

haha just kidding. Check my comments waaaay back, I think you should have given him more of a chance so I am glad you are now.

Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I'm with single girl! We need closure on the Jack thing.

londongirl said...

Hey it's human nature not to want something that's too readily available. Scarcity is attractive.

But if you like him, go on a date. Just tell us what happens!

Peach said...

Yeah I understand the "after Jack" comment - when people treat you well it seems strange, unwanted even. Hope the date goes well.


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