~Friday, August 24, 2007

Bridget Jones was on to something

I remember reading this post from Drama Queen and being insanely green-eyed envious. She's right, that is love. I wanted that kind of love.

Last night Scott and I were sitting on my couch, eating our dinner off the single TV tray I own. While he shoveled his rice with a spoon, I insisted on using a fork which was working in the dog's favor. She was happily settled between my feet and nosing the carpet where most of my dinner ended up.

I sighed, "Man, my food-to-mouth ratio is just not happening tonight."

Scott put his head down, closed his eyes, and laughed silently. Then he composed himself and looked at me, "I love you."

I brushed more rice off my pants to the dog's delight, thought of DQ's pizza-stained PJs, and smiled.


Drama Queen said...

How did I miss this?

Oh I am so pleased you now have a boy who also loves the pizza stains.


Drama Queen said...

and thanks for the mention.


Nomes said...

Food to mouth ratio!


I am SOOO gonna try to squeeze that into one of my restaurant reviews. I may even order difficult food just so that I CAN squeeze it in.

Thanks S!


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