~Monday, June 09, 2008

You're Not the Only One...

...who hasn't ordered yet!

The book is out!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

I am going to do my best with the currency calculations. The book costs $22.69. $9.00 goes to production costs (that Lulu takes and passes on). Lulu.com takes $2.72 for themselves in fees (but I THINK they're going to waive that for us), and the rest, $10.86, goes to Warchild. However, if you buy it as a download, $18 of the $22.69 goes to Warchild.

It really was a pleasure reading all the entries, over 400 in total. I've found some really great blogs to read because of it! As Peach said, Ariel, Peach, Ms Robinson, Vi, and myself are some very diverse bloggers, and because of our different tastes, a wide range of entries are included. We all had some that we wanted to see in that didn't make it, so know each entry was valued.

We had so much fun doing this, and the response was so great, that we already want to do another one!

The final contributor list is as follows. If there is an error with the spelling of your name or web site, please leave a comment over at Peach's:

1. DBA Lehane
2. Corrine Furness
3. Village Idiot aka VI
4. Erica
5. LilliPilli
6. Naomi Dunford
7. Leigh Forbes
8. Heather Hunter
9. Fweng Ebola
10. Sue Marchant
11. Ani
12. Anna Pickard
13. Ree
14. Desperate Sarah
15. M.McEwen-Asker
16. Paige Jennifer
17. Cat
18. Sarah J Peach
19. Mike Atkinson
20. Diane Mandy
21. Rachel Goldsack
22. Deborah Carr
23. Jenny Maltby
24. Helen Redfern
25. Miss Smack
26. The H Factor
27. Fat Controller
28. L.M.Noonan
29. Kal
30. Ronjazz
31. Nicholas Grundy
32. Rob Ryan
33. Casdok
34. DJ Kirkby
35. Bone
36. Kathryn Harriss
37. Helen Dalby
38. Alex McGlin
39. Kate Kingsley
40. Miss Tickle
41. Just A Girl
42. Catherine Sanderson
43. Enigma
44. Tim Warren
45. Kat Campbell
46. Daren Callow
47. Alan White
48. Zinnia Cyclamen
49. Tired Dad
50. The Boy
51. Swiss Toni
52. Cliff Jones
53. Fiona Williams
54. Kate
55. Isabelle
56. An Unreliable Witness
57. Dave Lozo
58. Anne Byrne
59. Micky McGuinness
60. Phillip Copland
61. Larry Teabag
62. enidd
63. Sugar007
64. Ariel Langham
65. Mr Angry
66. The Overnight Editor
67. Kristin
68. LĂ©onie Kate
69. Barb McMahon
70. Misssy M
71. Meaghan Kearney
72. Pat McKay
73. Swearing Mother
74. Emma Kaufmann
75. Angela La La
76. Boy Does Life
77. Guy Herbert
78. Blue Soup
79. Junior
80. Curvy Girl
81. Prada Pixie
82. JH
83. Ms Robinson
84. Distracted Spunk
85. Jane
86. Jen
87. The Boy Who Could But Didn’t
88. Solarisgirl
89. Beth Smith
90. Wendy Christie
91. Miss Diarist
92. Colin
93. Hope
94. Enny
95. Joanna
96. Reluctant Memsahib
97. Karen
98. Stephanie Shaw
99. Clarissa
100. Susan P
101. Debbie
102. Crystal
103. Scorpy
104. Megan
105. Uncle Norman
106. Johnny B

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


Diane Mandy said...

Congratulations to all of you. It's quite an accomplishment putting it all together. And I hope the book is a success. Thanks for including me. I'm honored.

Paige Jennifer said...

Y'all rock (and I'm just saying that because you included me piece - I SWEAR)! Here's to make a difference, one word at a time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, yes, I'm going to get this.

Minx said...

This is just such a fabulous project and once again shows the power of the internet and the very talented people that are out there. Thank you.


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