~Monday, June 22, 2009


I saw Christopher again this weekend. I'll blog about it later, but I have one thing he said rolling around through my head: "I want to take things slow." I just don't get it. Christopher, previously emotionally unavailable, wants to take things slowly. TAKE WHAT SLOWLY? WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT?

If I sat here and tried to figure it out, I would bloody my head by banging it against my desk. So I'm not going to think about it. I am just going to sit here looking confused, not thinking about it and working.


kristinblakely said...

hmm.. maybe he sees something good happening between y'all and he doesn't want to screw it up? god, i am such a sap. perhaps this is why i am forever single?

preciousandpriceless said...

hmmm don't bang your head against your desk, because if you hit your keyboard you'll have dents in and that would be even more difficult to explain to Christopher.

Oh and don't think too much about it, it's hard not too, just keep remembering to take care of yourself first and foremost.

If he wants to be there and go slowly [whatever that hell means] he'll be there.

preciousandpriceless said...

bah..."Dents in your forehead"
apparently I can't type.

Sarah said...

Precious- I'm glad you bring that up: keeping myself first and foremost. I am. I am still doing my therapy, journaling, and taking deliberate steps every day to be a healthy individual. I promise.

It's just something that stuck out because it's all apart of this Bizarro Christopher persona who apparently I don't know at all.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Argh, men. It's hard to know what they mean when you're getting to know them all over again.

Maybe he's not being selfish and wants to make sure you're okay before anything happens between the two of you ..

He might have gotten a sense of how bad things were with Scott.

Anyway, do what feels right for you !

Sahara said...

...Or he may just know that's a line girls like to hear. Makes him sound sensitive.

Anyway, what happened to 'meh, it was just one night'? I'm not trying to sound harsh, but I just wonder if getting involved with an ex is a good move right now. Objectively.

LizSara said...

Hmm, he sees you in a place where you're not really up for anything more than casual and fun and he wants more...who's betting if you agreed he'd be off like a shot.

Remember honey it's all about you and getting where you need to be without man

SuvvyGirl said...

Take it as he wants to do things properly this time and really get to know each other...slow is good, especially at this place in time. :)

gekkogirl said...

The only thing I want to echo is you matter most in all this. Keep your eyes on you. All else, eventually will fall into place. x

Calamity Jill said...

They're impossible to decode. It's a whole other language.

fwengebola said...

Perhaps he's taking it slow because he's trying to be emotionally available. I dunno. I'm knew to this particular scenario.

preciousandpriceless said...

glad to hear you are putting yourself first, but yeah..do what feels right :)


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