~Monday, April 12, 2010


I just got back from my spring break. However the only vacation that was involved were the vacation days I took off from work. I spent the week at my grandmother's nursing home in rural North Carolina. My days were spent sitting in a darkened room that smelled like urine for hours on end with me afraid to touch anything. Sitting in a nursing home like that, it changes you mentally.

I'm back at work now and listening to other people's vacations. Those who took cruises to Caymans. They are tan and relaxed and chipper and it makes me feel sorry for myself. My mornings were spent in tears because I couldn't mentally psych myself up for another day sitting and listening to the screaming. I keep hearing that what I did was a good and invaluable thing, but I can't see further than my own misery right now.

That damn 5k is Saturday. I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and I really don't want to go anymore. Besides my continued and longstanding hatred for running, there is an event at the city history center that I really want to attend. Of course, it is perfectly possible for me to do both, but dammit, I don't wanna.

I need a shot of B12 in the ass or a large glass of $5 wine.


Bathwater said...

Makes my week sound like paradise.

nuttycow said...

Go for the wine. On the plus side, although it was hell for you, I'm sure your grandmother appreciated it. At a time like this, it's the little things, like showing you care, that mean so much.

You did the right thing.

Curvy Jones said...

A little of both?

Welcome back!

TexInTheCity said...

Girl, anytime is a good time for wine!

(You did the right thing, your grandmother appreciated it.)

Amy said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry you didn't have the proper getaway you sooooo need and deserve. :o( You are a great granddaughter, though, and that time you had - as hard for you as it was - will become that much more cherished and important later down the road. ((hugs))

Lpeg said...

I'm sorry, that sounds like a terrible vacation. And most people wouldn't be that kind to their grandparents, so you really did the right thing.

Personally? I'd screw the 5k :) But that's just me!!

Sarah said...

I've been waiting for someone to give me permission to skip it :)

gekkogirl said...

You don't need permission! Skip it if you can't face it. You've had enough to deal with recently.


Breeza said...

I give you permission, but yeah, you don't need it! :)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Stupid running, I don't like it either. Go with the wine..

I was at my grandma's nursing home just tonight .. and the smell of urine, you're right .. being there for hours on end changes you. You did a good thing though. Hopefully you'll get the vacation you deserve pretty soon :)

Syd said...

Nursing homes are tough. Spent a lot of time in them with my own grandmother, who resented us for where she was. But she appreciated us being there, even if it just gave her the time to rant about the staff.

An easier way to get through the 5k might be to do the galloway method? (It's a run/walk method) - so run for 5, walk for 1, run for 5, walk for 1 (or whatever intervals work for you). It'll fly by before you know it.


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