~Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Miracles

Text message received Friday, December 24th at 10:05 p.m.:

Miss me? I kinda miss you.

I heard my phone chime. I was sitting in the kitchen of my childhood home with a couple of canvases in front of me. Last minute Christmas presents. I put my paint brush down and wiped my bangs from my eyes.

It's from Valdosta.

Valdosta had kept his word that he would call me and bug me while he was out of town. He had left me the sweetest message wishing me luck at my dodgeball games and what to do if/when I get injured again. In the voicemail he had uninhibitedly laughed at a couple of his own jokes. I had been re-listening to the voicemail periodically just to hear that laugh. He says that I have the greatest laugh, but his isn't bad either.

Smugly I called out to my mom in the other room, "Valdosta misses me!"

"Aww, that's nice," she said sincerely.

I typed back, Kinda? LOL. I miss you.

Valdosta was four hours away in the southern part of the state with his family. His plans were to then drive North to visit more family. He decided to make a pit stop in the city on Christmas night to see me.


This is what dating should be. It should be like this.

"He misses me so much he's going to come back and see me tomorrow," I hollered from the kitchen.

"Wow," she said. Even my mom isn't used to that kind of behavior.

After the I miss yous had been exchanged, Valdosta sent me several well wishings for Christmas. He's coming home to see me. On Christmas day. It's a damn Christmas miracle.


I stomped my wellies and stepped inside Valdosta's apartment. It's snowing outside as heavily as I have ever seen. This is a big deal. Valdosta greeted me with the same silly grin that he gave me that one day at brunch. The I'm-having-thoughts grin.

I put my bag down. Valdosta went into the kitchen to mix us some Christmas whiskey sours. I took a seat on a bar stool. "Now I want to hear all about you missing me. Don't leave out any details please," I chirped.

He laughed and brought me my drink. He started talking; I didn't think he would actually answer.

"It was my first night there. I was lying in bed and wanting to cuddle and you weren't there." Valdosta's silly grin made another appearance. He took a sip of his own drink. "Did you miss me?"

Still seated on the bar stool I opened my knees, allowing him to step closer to me. I pressed my thighs against his hips.

"It could be a Thursday and I could have just seen you on a Tuesday; you don't have to leave the city for me to miss you."

A smile very slowly spread across his face. Whiskey sour kisses were exchanged.

Valdosta looked out his window. Snow was still falling. "Can you believe it?" he said. "It's the first white Christmas the city has had since 1882." It's been 130 years. Another Christmas miracle.

I took a long sip of my drink. "It's the only white Christmas in your lifetime, and you'll always remember it was spent with me," I said.

He kissed me again. The power of suggestion is strong. And now he'll always remember it that way. "Let's get back to missing me," I teased. "Was it you missed me kinda? Or you kinda missed me all the way?"

"I kinda missed you all the way."


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Verry happy for you. And no matter what comes of Valdosta, now you will always remember what dating should be/feel like. That being said, I must admit that I have a good feeling that you may not need that information after him.

however happy said...

that is most definitely what dating should feel like. you deserve it!

Kristy said...

I love following the Valdosta story! And I love your witty banter back and forth.. I think he's a keeper!

Tex In The City said...

Oh Girl! I love a good swoon!

Laura said...

Ah, this is wonderful :)

Pam said...

This is exactly what dating should be like..... and once you find that, no matter what happens, never settle for less.
I love reading all about this, makes me believe.

Anonymous said...

Le sigh....I'm swooning right along with you. It's like this great love movie playing out in my mind as I read about it all. So excited to see what happens next :) Oh and Merry Christmas late and make sure you kiss this man into the New Year!

Anonymous said...


Je m'appelle Danielle said...

I second the "Le Sigh"

Just started reading, and its great.

Anonymous said...

don't get me wrong I love my man, but life happened when we were dating [not children, but unemployment] and fast forward to living together....there is swooning....but nothing like the ROM-COM you are describing and I have every urge to hijack and market it into a movie!!!

LOVE IT!!!! Val is getting some thumbs up from this Canadian Girl! Well deserved too my friend!

Anonymous said...

i dig

- dont

Seine said...

marry christmas :)

treacle said...

This is how it should be Sarah! Can I get a whoop? ;-) xx

nicole said...

awww he's so sweet!! i miss all that mushy dating stuff =)

jo said...

i'm so swooning. how romantic.

Anonymous said...

This one is a keeper.

Dream in Grey said...

i think i luff him!

Arwen said...

you're swooning, and all of us along with you :)

Syd said...

goodness, he sounds so nice. and normal. and adorable.

heisschic said...

sooo this might be completely uncalled for, but would you mind responding with the url for your public site? i'd send you an email directly, but i cant seem to find one for ya.

Bathwater said...

This is not a miracles so much as it is a well deserved romance. It proves all your dating work can pay off. A lesson I should probably heed.

TC said...


Anonymous said...

Best wishes Valdosta. I needed to read something great tonight and this was it!


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