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20 Questions (4)

Has your blog ever been discovered by 'acquaintances' in the 'real world?' How did you deal with it? -Northern Lass

One character that knows about the blog is Mel. She's my oldest friend in the world: we've been friends since 7th grade when I threw her towel in the neighborhood pool. Okay, so that didn't actually make us friends, but we both came around. She's very trustworthy.

Other than that, the blog may have been leaked this weekend. I was drunk tweeting all weekend and sat down in front of the computer at the lake house to check my e-mail. Harvey came up to the computer and stood behind me and read the responses to the tweets over my shoulder. Other bits of information that Gmail proudly displays: my blog name, my Twitter account, and all sorts of other tells. I didn't want to close the window and make it look like I was doing something I shouldn't have, so I let her read over my shoulder. I don't think Harvey actually cares enough to actually Google and discover the blog, so I think it'll be fine. And there's a good chance she was drunk too when that happened.

If she did locate the blog, I still think it'll be fine. Like I said, she probably doesn't care enough.

I'm also very careful with how I write. I never mention certain details that can be plugged into a search engine (for example, I always write "The City" instead of the actual city name). It's worked so far.

Goose or Kettle? -Maura

Fuck vodka. Seriously. This "No Brew August" has not been going well, and it's only the 8th of the month. Instead of beer, I've been having vodka sodas and Red Bull vodkas and I start slurring after one drink. I've been drunker and sloppier and I've been spilling my heart across the state. Fuck this.

So to answer your question: Kettle, the Devil's Urine.

Bucket list... what's the craziest thing on yours and what's the most sentimental one? -Charlotte (Lilly)

I actually just finished my 30 Before 30 list and it was exhausting and tiring and I've been enjoying not having a to-do list. But here is a list of other things I would like to do when the opportunity arises:

  • Ride an elephant
  • Go to the Kentucky Derby (I was so close this year!)
  • Run at 10k for real
  • Visit Asia
  • Actually, just do more international travel in general.

"What's the song that you love but people would cringe if they knew you liked it?" -Scrumps

I have terrible taste in music, but I wear it proudly. I listen to 80's hair bands in my apartment (I have tickets to see Journey, Night Ranger and Foreigner next month!!!), pop punk when I'm at work and hipster/indie stuff when I'm driving. I run to Ke$ha and 3OH!3. I'm a mess.

Valdosta said he noticed me because I quoted Michael Bolton in my dating profile. And last weekend, I was dancing in a bikini and a Falcon's hat on the back of a speed boat to this song:

See above re: vodka.


Je m'appelle Danielle said...

I shared my blog with my BFF just recently and I regret it so bad. Oh well.

Bill Biv Devoe is fucking bad ass! I have been caught jammin out to this song in my work car many times.

So what was the Michael Bolton quote? I wish I was ashamed to say that I had one of his CDs, but I'm not.

Lilly said...

I LOVE Bill Biv Devoe and also like Journey and Foreigner...guess I have terrible taste too. :) (Or maybe we have good taste and nobody else knows what the hell they're talking about.)

gtothemoney said...

I think I love you.
Miss her, Kiss her, Love her.
Best song EVAH.

Anonymous said...

I love that song!

When I was a teen I also loved, "Poison" the band. Ha!

I still love it when GNR comes on the radio or a few other hair bands.


Scrumps said...

I love it! Bill Biv Devoe is awesome!

Nothing wrong with having cringeworthy music taste! :)

Angela said...

I loved that song, too, although it's been a long time since I've heard it. :)

Bathwater said...

It can't be all be if it has you up dancing in a bikini!

thetalove said...

I am actually starting a 30 by 30 list! Okay, its written in my head....But it will probably become legitimate soon!

Denise said...

I'm glad it's 9:00 here because I'm now going to be singing that song in my head the rest of the night....

Nicole C. said...

You need to try Tito's. Seriously. It's life changing. And it's from TEXAS!

Paige Jennifer said...

Rumor has it you can cross off two things on your list - visiting Asia AND riding an elephant - at one time. So, like, when are we leaving? :)

Sarah said...


You can tell I'm serious because that was in all caps.

Maura said...

I'm sorry vodka and you are not friends...you and beer though, sound like you're in love. :)

J said...

I love your 30 before 30 idea. I just might steal it...


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