~Friday, January 04, 2013

Ring in the New Year

On New Years Eve, the girls and I sat around a table while the boys watched a movie.

"2013 is going to be a big year," I smiled.

"I want to be the first to get engaged. Oh damn, we're out of Jello shots," announced Jenna. She looked at her sister Katie. "I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings, but I want to be first."

"Well you've been with Government Mule longer than we've been with our boyfriends," I sympathized.

"Yeah but he says he doesn't want to get married while he's unemployed," she frowned.

Government Mule has recently passed the one-year mark of unemployment.

"And that's perfectly understandable," chimed in Harvey.

"Abraham and I were updating Facebook all Christmas Day to see if you got engaged," I told Katie.

She frowned and shook her head. I couldn't read her expression. I don't know if she was disappointed or just didn't like talking about it or something else. But usually she's the most vocal about wanting to get engaged.

I don't really like talking about it. People's questions about where I want to get married and how soon do I want to wait before children make me uncomfortable. I'm not engaged. Yet. Nothing to get excited about. Yet.

And maybe this is where I sound like a brat, but I'm also the most confident in my relationship over Katie's or Jenna's. Katie's boyfriend has agreed to go ring shopping, but he still threatens to postpone engagement every time she talks about it. I'm not even sure Government Mule is doing everything he can to look for a job.

Meanwhile Abraham just flew me up north to meet his bubbie and to get her blessing. Which she did abundantly. She spent so long telling Abraham to hurry up and get married that he picked a pretzel out of her dish on the coffee table and slipped it on my finger. The day after he spoke to my father, I caught Abraham looking at pictures of engagement rings (I couldn't contain my squeal that time). Abraham's mother just asked him how big of a wedding I wanted.

My time is coming. I am quiet in my confidence; to be anything else would feel boastful. So I didn't tell the girls about Abraham speaking to my father or looking at diamond rings or about our families' excitement. When the attention is turned on me, I change the subject.

"So if you get engaged this year, will you also get married this year?" I asked.

"Yes," Jenna and Katie both agreed. "Before football season."

Maybe I'm superstitious after all.


Je m'appelle Danielle said...

Its kinda that counting chickens before they hatch saying, I suppose. Even though its obvious that's where you two are heading, I think that you not hounding Abe about it makes him more relaxed about the whole thing. Not to mention that he is showing initiative, its not like you put an expiration on the relationship.

Mazel tov!

(hope thats right)

Annie said...

cannnnnnot wait to hear the news. it has to be soon! YAY!

obx said...

Yeah I think remaining cool, calm and collected is a great approach for many reasons. Happy New Year! Hope its a fantastic year for you!!!

propertyofj said...

You are taking the right approach.

KingofHearts said...

I agree with everyone else, don't boast it. It might make Abe think twice. Just don't be upset if it doesn't happen right away. It might take him a month or two just to find the right ring.

Mummy Dearest said...

I think keeping it between you and your family is how I would handle it. Them you can spring it on everyone when it happens. You and Abe have been doing things your way with no one else's input...keep it that way.

bluemoon said...

I think you are handling this perfectly. If you are confident in your relationship, confident in where it is heading, there is no need to boast or put a spotlight on it. :)

Englandia... said...

Calm confidence is the best place to be :)

I am in the same place. I am so happy for you.

Rose said...

Your title had me thinking it'd happened... Waiting in suspense over here! I have a feeling 2013 will be my year to get engaged as well. I share a calm confidence like you for the first time in my life. No need to babble on to friends about what's definitely going to happen :)

The Mad Inscriber said...

When it's right, it's right. You can relax, and no need to brag or fret.

Bathwater said...

Before football season? Does football take up all the good weekends? You are probably the only one getting married for the right reasons out of the three you describe. I don't think hurry to get married to a man who has been unemployed for a year is a good idea. Nor is getting married to someone that can't pick out a ring on his own.

Englandia... said...

Had to lock down Englandia for a bit due to some possible job related stuff. :) I can invite you with your email if it's somewhere on your site. It used to be..argh.:)

Sarah said...

Upper right corner!

Angela said...

I'm dying over here. I really need a life. I've been checking in every day that I haven't been too busy/distracted.

Sarah said...

I've been meaning to write, I swear!

Paige Jennifer said...

You're exactly where all of the other girls want to be. Enjoy it. Soak it in. And know I'm squealing and on the edge of my seat.


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