~Monday, May 06, 2013

Life after Yes

Life after the engagement:

  • Drinks. Lots of drinks. Most of them free. I drank more in the following week than I had all year.

  • A birthday! Thirty-two was not exciting. I had so many friends come out to dinner that the restaurant said our party was too big and refused to accept our reservation. This was both touching and stressful as I spent the afternoon calling businesses (and failing). We ended up at a fondue place downtown that may or may not be going out of business, according to the rumors.

  • Moving into Abraham's. After he slipped the ring on my finger, he told me he'd never let me move in with him without being engaged. So he knew this was happening since we set a move-in date last October. I thanked him for not letting me be a hussy even though I obviously had no qualms about being one.

  • The move itself was terrible. Awful. To even write about it would bring back terrors. It was the worst move of my life, including those half dozen college moves where everything I owned was shoved into the back of a pickup truck and I prayed that nothing would fly out into the highway, like someone else's ironing board I just drove over. The sight of U-Haul trucks gives me rage flashes even though that company wasn't even involved in the move. But, as people try to console, the move is over and I get to live with my fiancè. Even though that means ordering parts off the Internet to get my dryer working again because I watched people drop it down a flight of concrete stairs while I screamed helplessly. And now I'm angry all over again.

  • Did you see me work in the word "fiancè"? It took us over a week to start using it, similarly to what happened after the initial I love you. It's there but it's still a bit scary, so we'll just not call it by name.

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.


MissM said...

You and Paige are the only people allowed to post cute boy stories. The rest of the internet makes me want to slice my wrist with a spork. *sigh* Someday my Prince (or a guy about the complexion of Prince) will come.

Danielle said...

I suspect life after the ring eventually settles from excitement, back to boring old life. Just like everything else. Although, now planning a wedding, so there's that.

I hope you got a deep discount from the company that moved your stuff!! What the hell, I would have been so mad!

Anonymous said...

Beetlejuice! I love it! Congratulations again! I'm so happy for you both; and I really love your writing. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ish. I'm sorry you had a bad move! I learned freshman year of college that my father couldn't be involved with moving days, so I'm sure an experience like you had is in my future...

But, I'm glad you've been able to celebrate a bunch! I hope you keep up your writing, because I really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I understand moving issues! My recent move was very stressful but not because of the moving company...although they did overcharge me. But it is over and I am enjoying my new home and roomate. ;)

Bathwater said...

Am I to soon in thinking it is a time for a metamorphosis for this blog? Perhaps concentrating on that book deal that needs to happen? The title obviously doesn't fit anymore. I should steal the female version of it :)

Readyandfading said...

Moving sucks so bad! Hopefully the finger sparkles helped make it a teeny bit better. I just have to tell you how happy I am for you. SO HAPPY! You deserve all this goodness and I can't wait to read about future plans!


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