~Thursday, May 04, 2006

One Step Forward

Oh. Dear. God.

I just spent $35 on Amazon buying self-help books. Like porn, they ship it to your door in a discreet brown box marked only with "Amazon" and not with "another girl suckered in to buying these crap books." This is also the same reason I couldn't walk into my Barnes and Noble. If the cashier was hot, I'd never make it out alive.

My favorite selection was "Be Honest: You're Just Not That Into Him Either." I liked that title better, it's less desperate sounding therefore a less chance of me spending $11 to mock it.


Gabriel K. said...

Self help is masterbation.

Not really, I just thought that I'd say something that sounds remotely cool.

It's progress though. Heck, I need to go out and buy a shelf full of books.

~ martha ~ said...

Just don't get sucked into buying book after book because you feel that you don't know what you are doing in life. Those books can help but don't get addicted to someone else telling you how and what to think.

~ martha ~ said...

actually, masterbation isn't that far from learning to get the control back in your romance (why do you think men generally have the control?).

Jenni said...

The right reading material can give you some great insight. Seems I found my help through some spirituality...being prayer and God. For me, prayer is very theraputic and reflective. It allowed to me verbally purge myself and feel that God cared and listened. But that's what worked for me....I hope you find the way that works best for you!

Anonymous said...

hahah "Self help is masterbation".

I agree read the self help books, but don't get so intertwined in them.. it's a good stepping block but the rest is just overrated opinions.


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