~Friday, September 15, 2006

100 Things About Me

My blog is so material specific that most readers don't really know about the person behind the dating disaster. Here are my 100 things about me:

  1. I have one brother. I also have 3 step-brothers and a step-sister. I also have 3 step-half siblings. That makes 9 of us. 9
  2. I refer to all of them as simply my brother or sister in hopes that we could be closer
  3. It is not working
  4. My parents divorced when I was 6
  5. I do not remember them being together
  6. My father introduced me to my new family by taking me to see A Christmas Carol. He pointed to the stage where they were all performing and said, "That's your new brother," "That's your new sister," etc
  7. I had an interest in acting ever since then
  8. I was in a thespian troupe in high school and was in 3 plays, one being the lead
  9. I was an extra in "Road Trip" and met Tom Green and Seann William Scott. You can see me walking behind Brekin Meyer and Amy Smart kissing at the end of the movie
  10. My stupid brother was also in the movie and he has more screen time than I do. I think he did it to prove he's better than me
  11. I love to start little craft projects. Finishing them, however, is another story
  12. I sing in the car with abandon
  13. I also love karaoke
  14. I used to be really bad at it, but I can hold my own now
  15. So far I've been booed once and had a lemon thrown at me: I finished both songs smiling
  16. I consider this to be an accomplishment
  17. My mother never taught me anything girlie like applying makeup or shaving and I wish she had
  18. I never dated in high school
  19. I went to my senior prom with another girl (as friends)
  20. When I got to college, I dated all. the. time
  21. I was only truly single for 3 weeks of my college career
  22. I've been in love at least once in my life, the others I'm not so sure about
  23. I've been coloring my hair since I was 11
  24. It is naturally a grey mousy brown--the ugliest color ever
  25. I rarely dye my hair the same color twice
  26. Blondes really do have more fun
  27. I had my tonsils removed when I was 19
  28. I am a really possessive person
  29. I have had 5 full-time jobs since I was graduated from college
  30. When people laugh at my jokes, I'll repeat the punch line
  31. Even I find this habit annoying
  32. I don't wear makeup in the summertime because I think freckles are beautiful
  33. I was in a really serious car accident when I was 17. I'm lucky to be alive
  34. Because of this, I have a dent that can be seen when I wrinkle my forehead
  35. I played the violin for seven years
  36. I went to Italy after I was graduated from high school
  37. I still can't believe my mother let me go. I think it was because my friend almost died my senior year and she went
  38. I lost 3 good friends my senior year in high school within 2 months
  39. I was very angry at God
  40. We're getting back on track. It's a slow process.
  41. After the third death, I became a recluse, dropped all my friends and after school activities and gained 20 pounds
  42. I lost the weight almost immediately when I started college
  43. I was arrested at 19 for possession of alcohol. I was never convicted
  44. I took an extra semester to get through college because I drank too much
  45. My parents still don't know about that extra semester
  46. When I was 21 I hurt my forehead again. 11 stitches, alcohol related
  47. My parents don't know that real story either
  48. I hope men find scars sexy because I have a faint one on my forehead
  49. Most people don't even notice it anymore
  50. I don't drink that much anymore. This relieves me
  51. I'm convinced that everyone will pass through my life. No one will stick with me
  52. I don't think anyone will love me enough to ask me to marry them
  53. My father was the first man in my life who left. So far every other man in my life has also left me.
  54. My mother says this is a coincidence, but I don't believe her
  55. I can't forgive my mother for my childhood. I've tried
  56. My family is very rich, but I am not
  57. I'd take independence over money any day
  58. In addition to my blog, I keep a paper journal as well
  59. I have a Siberian Husky
  60. I am a published writer
  61. I've written for two different newspapers, both critically acclaimed
  62. I wish I was serious enough to put an effort into my other writings
  63. I wear my hair in a pony tail most of the time

  64. I love sushi
  65. I want to see Hong Kong and Thailand before I die
  66. I drink cheap beer when I'm alone, but nice beer when I'm out in public
  67. I can be pretty selfish except when it comes to men
  68. I hate to 69
  69. I lost my virginity when I was 19
  70. My roommate was less than three feet away. She never knew
  71. I'm fairly secretive if you can't tell by now
  72. I stopped counting the number of men I have slept with when I realized it doesn't matter
  73. Fine, I just counted. 13
  74. I started getting anxiety attacks over men and commitment after my last relationship ended
  75. The sight of baby stores give me chest pains
  76. I do want that stuff, I just don't want anyone else to know it in case it never happens
  77. I don't like to fail
  78. I should wear glasses all the time, but I don't
  79. I'm not very patient
  80. However, for the ultimately annoying combo, I am very persistent
  81. I blame it all on the being the youngest. I'm used to getting my way
  82. I am a great story teller
  83. If sailors rode in my car with me, they'd be offended by my swearing
  84. My capacity to love is so big, it often scares me
  85. My smile is very expensive, but well worth it
  86. I scratch my neck when I concentrate. The marks will stay for hours
  87. I bite my nails when I'm nervous
  88. I'm silly. I hope that never changes
  89. I laugh when I lie
  90. I'm in perpetual need to lose 10 pounds
  91. I honestly believe if I was thin enough, I could have any man I want
  92. My BMI is 21.3 which means I'm of normal weight
  93. Strangers stop me on the street to compliment my butt all the time
  94. I don't believe men when they say I'm beautiful. If they're better looking than me, I think they just want in my pants. If they are uglier than me then I don't think they know what they are talking about
  95. I'm cold natured
  96. I'm addicted to Diet Coke
  97. I'm happy when I'm single and I'm happy when I'm in a relationship, but I'm generally not happy when I'm dating around
  98. My laugh is contagious
  99. I love my life right now. Love it


Phil said...

Now that's a list. Oddly there are a few similarities to mine. Your ancestrary isn't irish catholic is it?

PS Regarding Number 69. I was fan until a certain evening with a gassy girlfriend. I thought it was hilarious, she was mortified, we broke up.

Sarah said...

That's exactly my problem. You want me to put my asshole where?

But then again, if I'm tanked and it's pitch black, I can be talked into it.

Did you do the list? Send me the link!

Not Irish Catholic in the way you're asking, but both run in my family :)

M said...

cool list.
I think redheads have the most fun, personally. Have been all three ;)

Miss Natalie said...

WHoa! Information overload - too much to comment on...

Anonymous said...

umm :) Interesting per say to read my blog friend :-)
Let me take the opportunity to comment in the same order as yours hehe ;-)

1. I have one blood brother. I have thousands of cousins. I wish I had a sister who was younger than me so that i can protect someone. I hate being protected always

2. I refer to most of my cousins as dada ( a bengali word meaning brother) or didi (sister). It is customery in my cultury to do so that way. We hardly call others by name.

3. Well honestly. It is also not working much anymore for me cause I get a bad feeling sometimes.

4. My parents feel in love and got married against everyone's wishes. they are still in love and are happily married. A few months back they celebrate their 35th marriage anniversary.

5. I always remember them together. i hope I can have a life the way they did.

6. Not applicable

7. I had an interest in acting in last few years. My dad writes novels, TV drama serials , books, etc. And he is very famous for it in my country. I been bugging him to give me a chance in some TV serial so I can show my attractive face hehe

8. I did not do much in school or high school other than studying

9. See 8

10. My brother is a journalist. He loves writting

11. I feel like a robot sometimes

12. I am convinced that i will never find true love and will get heartbroken forever

13. I sing in car too

14. I love karoke but suck at it

15. I really suck at it haha

16. nope. nothing like that happened.. wait! Once everyone told me to stop singing in kaoke :(

17. I consider it being a self learning accomplishment

18. my mother or father never taught me how to get along well with other people. And I can not understand people still. It is all their faults

19. I never dated in high school

20. I never had a prom

21. When I was in university, I had two or three major crushes

22. I was truly single for a long time

23. I have been in love atleast 3 times in lfe

24. I never color hair. Sometimes I find girls with colored hair hot

25. Naturally it is black in color

26. I do not dye either

27. I think red haired ones have more fun

28. I still have my tonsils and it hurts at times

29. I am a very caring person

30. I had no full time job yet. I am searching

31. People always find me funny. However very few can actually make me laugh

32. I want to stop people laughing. I am not a clown! I am a human person.

33. I hate dressing up for formal occasions

34. I had a really serious car accident on my 5th year of university. I almost freaked out and my good frind Omi stood by me all the way. That year was one of the worst in my life.

35. because of that I still have a fear of driving

36. I tried playing instruments for a while. My parents was not interested in me playing any instruments. I gave up

37. I went to UK in my school time but came back :(

38. I still cant believe I went to USA to study. Considering the happy person I was, I did not know I would take such a big gambling risk with my life. Later I realized I love to take risks.

39. I lost a good friend in my university year. I still feel weird thinkig of it. She was nice. I do not what happened. I heard on her way back home, she collapsed and passed away.

40. I am angry at Gods for taking away some of the best uncles in my life. and especially kapot dada.

41. I do speak with Gods.

42. I got emotional after hearing one of my uncle died in India

43. not applicable

44. I was arrested for speeding. But no big charges were laid. I was given a reckless driving ticket once and was later refuted. The cop was nice to take the charge away

45. I took an extra semester to complete my studies. My parents think it is because of my majors I completed. Contrary to the fact, i was afraid to graduate.

46. My parents still do not know the exact reasons.

47. When I was doing my university year I had a major issue with alcohol. Whenever I drank, I got drunk. So I never drank. My body is not good at consuming it.

48. My parents do not know I drink occasionally at parties.

49. I hope woman find my aloof character and my childish honest nature attractive. Cause I cant change anymore.

50. Most of my friends do not notice it anymore.

51. I do not drink much anymore. After my last big heartbreak, I drank for whole one day . I tried drinking myself to death. And by midnight, I have no recollection what happened. Next day, I had the worst stomach ache, headache, and this feeling I did n't have before. I had to stay in bed for a week and half almost because of my body conditions. I must have drank a lot. And gods know what else I took that day. However, it did the trick. I slowly got over her and pitty her now.

52. My girl friends left me all. And I am happy they did.

53. My brother says it is just a nature of law. I disagree.

54. My family is freaking extra super dopper rich. I am freaking poor.

55. I can not forgive my parents for not teaching me to be strong emotionally

56. I had take money over anything anyday now

57. In addition to my journals, I used to keep diaried. I burnt all my diaries when I was young. Then I wrote a few diaries here and thre. I decided to never write a diary and hence gave the last one to my last love. It was like departing a behavior that I will never mimick again

58. I hate dogs and cats

59. I am a published writer.

60. I have writen about gun control and many other topics in paper

61. I wish I was serious enough with my life earlier

62. I am very lazy. But I am very determined and headstrong

63. People tell me I have very worst handwritting

64. I lost 8 kg after my last love

65. I love Indian foods and Pizza (italian)

66. I want to see Pyramids

67. I dont drink just to drink

68 I can be very selfish if I want too. But usually I am very helpful

69 I love to 69 :-) I love the juice.. ahmm taste.

70 I lost my virginity when I was 6. However that does not count since it was against my will. I lost it because I wanted to when I was 27

71 I was home and I didnt plan for it when I was 27. It just happened. After a long walk by the harbor, we just sat in the boat. And gazing at the stars, together I felt so comfortable. She approached me and we kissed for hours. At the end of the night, we were making love with the tunes of cold waves that were blowing through the window in my apt.It was one of the best days of my love. No regrets.

72. I am very secretive . Even though I talk a lot, I hardly talk the main stuffs

73. Not applicable
74. Not applicable
75. Himu is noy my real name
76. I should change my glasses. Some have told me I look ugly in it. But I have used the same glasses for years even though my insurance provides me w free glasss
77. I am very impatient
78. I am very persistent
79. I blame it all on my parents
80. I have very little close friends.
81. The sight of baby makes me nervous
82. I am a good story teller
83. If I had another talkative person with me, we could spent rest of the journey talking
84. My capacity to love is so big it is over my head sometimes
85. My physical and emotional love is very expensive. One will not have it unless I am sure of the one at that moment
86. I pull my hair when I am nervous
87. I wrinkle my forehand when I concentrate
88. I am silly.
89. I stumble with words when I lie
90. I am in perpetual need to gain weight ( a few more kgs)
91. I honestly believe I would look better if I had a few more kgs
92. MY BMI says I am on the borderline of normal weight
93. Strangers stop by to say I am good looking and hansome. Makes me feel creepy and good!
94. I dont believe anymore when women say I love you. This is the world biggest lie when one says I love you. Prove it than just say it .. I tell myself
95. I am bad with spellings
96. I am cold natured
97. I am very happy when I am single. I am content when I have a warm person beside me. I am lonely when I am single but happy.
98. I am addicted to drinking water and pizza
99. My presence makes any situation happy somehow
100 I love my life right now. Everything is getting better. I can almost see the best days coming up for the rest of my life. I had enough in my life so far. I learnt. And I have grown stronger, wiser, better, happier, and more importantly I have become a true man.


PS; Phew. That was a lot !

Anonymous said...

Yay, I love reading stuff about you! Great list!

Nick said...

1. Nick isn't my real name either;
2. I have scars on my fingers from playing with knives;
3. I love Indian and Thai food;
4. I find scars sexy ;)

~ martha ~ said...

You seem like a very cool person. I'm inspired to do a 100 list too.

a giRL liKe mE said...

Sarah, this is a really great idea, and like many of the others, I too am inspired.

My blog, too, is often about specific subjects (normally girl-power related), and I shirk away from telling the whole story.

100 things is a fab idea.

Dayngr said...

I finally did mine too. Come over and see!


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