~Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The bank card is in the freezer

Last night for dinner I ate this:

Tonight for dinner I plan to eat this:

But don't worry, I'm not so broke that I have to give up these:

That's right, I went on a shopping spree: a six hour free for all. I woke up Saturday morning and decided I needed new bedding. To quote Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come." Before you get all sassy on me and declare you saw the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda tries to improve her bed karma by making her bed a nice place to be-- well that's exactly what this is. But you should know me as not being cliche enough to copy a TV show, hence my Field of Dreams reference. If I build a nice bed, the boys will come. (Not a euphemism. Well... partial euphemism...)

So here it is-- my new bed:

You are looking at a new down comforter, new duvet cover, new blanket, new sheets (oh my god, my butt is still bleeding with what they charged me), and a new down mattress pad. Lovely 500 thread count everything. Mmm.

My colors are chocolate and mint, which makes me dream of cookies. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Then on my way out, I walk past this mirror which I believe ties my living room together. Well, that and it was 90% off. So $30 later and my living room looks like this:

And while I am eating my peanut butter and canned soup for the next two weeks, I will be wearing these:

(I really need a new name for them, last thing I need is to attach his name to my precious shoes...)

And if I ever get depressed about eating only canned soup, I can just slip on my other pair of new shoes:

Oh yes ladies, those are Guess by Marciano.

But who really needs to eat when you have shoes like these?


Jen said...

I love the Ada...wait I mean the new who needs stupid men? shoes!! You are right who needs food when you have shoes like those?

Sarah said...

Pfft! Who needs men when I have shoes like these?

M said...

nice shoes :)

I LOVE sleeping under a new doona etc etc. It's so fluffy!

Indiana said...

High heels and a nice bed....sounds like all you need to make bad porn ~lol...grin~

Rocky Mountain Princess said...

I just got new bedding too, except I didn't get ass-raped... my mom did as it was my birthday present, lol.

Okay, the shoes are gorgeous but they look like they're painful!! How do you walk in them without falling over??

Your place looks very chic and tasteful - you did a great job with the decorating even though you'll be living on soup and peanut butter, lol.

brea said...

Those are cute shoes!

Sarah said...

Indy- what if I wear the stilletos in bed for double bed-karma?

Who's got a tripod? ;)

RMP- I got a good deal on everything but the sheets. They were the last thing I purchased and by then I was tired and didn't care what they cost as long as I wanted to bury my face in them.

Several rules for shoes like these: 1) watch your alcohol intake 2) always check the ground for brick or broken sidewalk because you will go plummeting, especially if you're partaking in #1. 3) Practice. After years of too-tall heels, it's no big deal anymore.

Thanks for the compliment! I love my apartment!

Brea- Thanks! I think so too :)

Nicola said...

I LOVE this post. it's so creative. never seen one like it! You should do more, that was great

Miss Natalie said...

Nothing better than retail therapy

Love the shoes! SO CUTE!

Indiana said...

Well that might just make one man's porn inspired fantasies come true wouldn't it? But it will mess up those 500TC sheets ~grin~

Sarah said...

Nicola- I will try to think of another one!

Nat- I'm glad you approve. It's a compliment coming from your designer fetish!

Indy- Nooooo! Not the sheets!

a giRL liKe mE said...

I'd love to have millions of pairs of shoes... and handbags... ooh.

Anonymous said...

Nice place you have there :) Mmm, there's nothing like fresh linen and high heels to create a welcoming vibe ;)


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