~Monday, September 04, 2006

Crossing the line

I told myself I would stop obsessing over my body when I could finally hit that solid straight line. The one that begins at my diaphragm and travels down to the lower abs. I told myself that when I obtained that line, I would be happy.

And as I brushed my teeth yesterday morning, I met my goal. Noticeable rib definition, an ab outline, no belly. The skin travels straight and smoothly to my nether regions without hint of a paunch.

"Just 20 more pounds," I said to myself, nodding in the mirror.

I'm skinny, I look skinny, my clothes tell me I'm skinny-- I just don't feel skinny. Even when I was a size four I felt overweight. Now a six, I'll tell myself I'll be happy at a four.

I'm supposed to be happy about myself already.


Nick said...

I tend to agree, you should be happy with yourself already.

There is something sexy about a nicely curved belly on a woman. Sure, not too much, but a nice curve, eg. you don't need to have a flat stomach for a man to find you attractive.

Vince said...

If not happy, at least you shouldn't be worried. Put it out of your head! You have enough worries without the ones you *know* aren't needed.

Jen said...

I think every woman out there can relate. I think that you have nothing to worry about my dear. You are beautiful inside and out!

M said...

Women are conditioned to hate their bodies. If a woman actually says she's happy with her body everyone thinks she's arrogant (or delusional). We can't win.

But don't do this to yourself. I know too many women who see distorted view of themselves in the eyes of society.

Anonymous said...

Girl if I was a size 6 I would be freakin ecstatic. I don't think I have seen that size since junior high! You're beautiful, don't worry so much!

Miss Natalie said...

I'm with M on this one.. I've been whinging since November that I can't fit into my size 6 MJ's - you think I've done anything (as i have a coke on my desk and a caramello koala for later) NO! I used to work out 9-11 hours a week now i consider i hour of fencing and 2 flights of stairs exercise...

Daniel said...

.................. I , I agree


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