~Tuesday, October 31, 2006

By Special Request

Happy Halloween to all the countries that don't celebrate it like we do in the States. It's the one day a year girls dress up slutty and the boys wear wigs and hookups happen faster than a Christian in Afghanistan.

It's the single person's Valentine's Day, after all, so I'm a very happy girl.


M said...

what a cool pic! :)
LOVE that fan!

Walter said...

Lovely photo, and the chopsticks are a nice touch. ;)

Phil said...


Indiana said...

So you were a Japanese hooker ~grin~

general_boy said...

Hehe, trickin' an' treatin' ain't just for the kiddies!

Great pic BTW. :)

Sarah said...

M- I borrowed it from my mom. As an art project every year, she has the kids write Chinese characters on fans they make. An art lesson for you perhaps?

Walter- Those chopsticks fuggin' hurt when I was trying to shove them in!

Phil- Mmm thanks!

Indiana- Yes, only I could find a costume that is work appropriate and still hint at slutty sex. I love my mind sometimes :)

General- It's the treatin' that's my favorite part! Thanks!


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