~Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It's cold and rainy. I just want to feel with abandon and call him. Forget my rule of never calling boys. Forget my rule of letting him lead and I decided whether to follow or not.

I want to call him and offer to come over and cook a big messy pot of chili. The kind my step-mother makes. Afterwards we'll wipe our cold noses and make a nest on the couch. He'll remove the back pillows so we fit perfectly. I'll be the little spoon; he'll be the big spoon. He'll wrap me in his blue itchy blanket and he'll flip through the channels and we'll mock whatever we watch. I'll beg him to light a fire and he'll turn me down, giving me one good reason followed by four bad ones. Just to drive the point home. He'll bury his face in my neck and readjust his arm around me with a squeeze. I'll lean my head back to meet his lips and everything else will be forgotten. Even the light rain on his balcony.

But that's what rainy days are for, right? Dreaming?

My microwave dinner awaits me...


Miss Natalie said...

Dreams do come true...

You only live once and without knowing too much of the background withth eman i can't judge. What do you have to loose really?

Are we really going to just sit around and wait?

Carpe diem!

PS Like i should talk, i don't :-P

Indiana said...

I think I would hang on to your dream cause it sounds like a good way to spend a rainy day.

~ martha ~ said...

I've been dreaming all day too.
But if you can make them come true then do it.
If not, well your not alone.

Phil said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream on a rainy day.

M said...

Why does it have to be a dream? You've already crossed whatever bridges you need to, I think - talk, date, sex, palming your ice-cream off onto him (still struggling to understand this one!!), silence, more date, more sex. What's really stopping this dream from becoming a reality?

Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Good Lord...

This particular dream has my heart aching. It's one I've had far too often for comfort.

Enjoy your rainy day!


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