~Monday, October 23, 2006

Playing Stranger

I logged on my dating website and noticed I got hotlisted.

By an Australian.

In Australia.

I don't know why he's trolling for American girls on the internet, but I can't help to think he's using my photo for his own, um, personal use.

I am beyond creeped out at this moment.


Vince said...

What makes you think he's alone in this particular usage?


Not helping, am I?

This is why I'm generally careful about what pics I take for my city blog (usually no people in them), and that access to our kids' soccer web site is private rather than public.

Phil said...


Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Okay, that IS creepy.

Uhm, EWW!

Unless he's like this fabulously wealthy Australian hunk who found you on the dating website and decided that he must marry you and make babies with you or he'll die an unhappy man. And "hot-listing" you was just the first step in completing his master plan.

Hmm, I think I'm probably helping as much as Vince, LOL.

In any case... at least he's on the other side of the world wanking off instead of in, or around, your vicinity?

M said...

lol, I know a couple of American women who will actively seek out Aussies over the net actually. God knows why? harhar okay okay, that was mean, Aussie men are the absolute salt of the earth (...sort of). The whole long distance (and I mean over the oceans) thing seems a bit "asl: cyber sexe chatte plz, omg" to me.

Sarah said...

Y'all, I am grossed out!

Vince, do guys actually do that!? OMG! Good call on the soccer site thing.

Phil- Come on now, I know it was you! hehe

RMP- His headline read, "Part-time masochist seeks full-time sadist..." I don't care if he is fabulously wealthy! Eww! Eww!

Mez- The accent is kinda hot, but transhemiphere masturbating is not my thing! Hehe :)

Walter said...

Quick, go change you profile to read your a man, then see if he still has you hot listed.

Brien said...

It wasn't me!...but I am Australian! I do enjoy reading your blog.....just thought I'd say something.... in case the Aussie hotlister didnt!

Sarah said...

Walter- no way around it, I could never be confused for a boy :)

Brien- I guess I should stop printing up those fliers with your picture and address. ;) There's no link to my profile so it can't be found through my blog. It was just a wild coincidence. Glad you enjoy it and I hope you'll be back!

Miss Natalie said...

ha! people don't surprise me anymore!

Bad represenataion for the aussie man. Grrr


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