~Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wanted: one snuggle monkey for rainy nights and office Christmas parties

Last Tuesday was a wake up call for me. I was seeing someone whom I did not feel comfortable calling. My intentions were innocent enough: obtain a snuggle monkey for a rainy night. I wasn't asking him to spend money. Hell, I wasn't even asking him to wear pants. Still, it was a low maintenance request that I didn't feel comfortable making.

I like Adam. I do. He's smart, handsome, and affectionate. But he's never there. I'm not a needy person by any means, but I need to see the man I'm dating at least one night every two weeks. Because I wasn't getting that from him, I didn't feel comfortable on the random get together.

I wish I was strong enough to tell Adam not to bother anymore, but I can't cut him loose without any prospects. I've decided to do my best to replace him as quickly as possible. I reactivated my online profile. I've also signed up for a speed date this week. If I spread my romantic interests as thinly as Adam does, then it won't matter that I'm having a relationship with him via my e-mail account.

And if I'm not comfortable asking for a random rainy night together, then I'm definitely not comfortable asking him to my office Christmas party. I got an invitation addressed to me and my "spouse" in the mail today. With only two single people in the company, it must have slipped their minds that not everyone has a spouse. Whatever happened to "employee plus one?" Not romantic enough?


Miss Natalie said...

I like 'and guest' it means i can drag along my bestie so she can then see all the poeple i bitch about during the year ;-)

Good luck with speed dating. I'm still 'friends' with a guy i met there in August last year. I asked how he's night is going, he replied 'the first girl wanted to meet her sole mate' i laughed, held out my hand asnd introduced myself. The scarrest thing ever ever ever, one of the 15 guys is the accountant at my current job (5 months later) I'm officially running out of men to date in sydney.

As for Adam, bottie call every few weeks should do - thats about my threshold ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. A snuggling companion would be just perfect, and unless you're comfortable making a call to have them come over when you want, it ain't perfect.

I've never tried speed dating, but dating sites on the Internet are problematic.

At least with speed dating I imagine you get the whole package, the physical person, the sound of their voice, and vocal nuances.

Internet dating is reliant on e-mail, IM and eventually, if planned, meeting someone in person, which effectively negates any and all contact you had with someone via e-mail or IM.

Don't feel you have to rely on having a "partner" to attend the Christmas party who is someone of the opposite sex. You could always take a leaf out of Miss Natalie's book and take your bestie.

Good luck with the speed dating though - might even give it a shot myself sometime :-)

Walter said...

Speed dating? It sounds like a quick way to get nowhere, but I'm flippant since I only know about it via documentaries and anecdotal accounts.

Bummer about Adam, but if you're not seeing him at least once every 2 weeks, can you say you two are really dating? It almost sounds like you really don't even have to bother telling him things aren't working out.

As for the company function bringing a friend sounds like a good idea, or is not attending an option?

M said...

teachers never bring anyone along (even though everyone is mouldy and married) on account of we are the most BORING people on earth (apart from accountants). I actually know of many partners that just refuse to go to teacher functions. One is enough for a lifetime really. Wise move actually.

M said...

"one attendance" not one.

Sarah said...

Nat- My bestie is my coworker who is already going to be there as the other singleton in the company. We're just tired of hearing "We're so glad you found each other!" like we're some sort of lesbian power couple.

I was thinking the same thing last night, that I tore my way through the city and need to completely move for new prospects, but then I realized there are 3 million men here and I haven't exactly been that promiscuous :)

Nick- With the six men I met on-line, I connected with one. The odds weren't that bad!

Walter- There are drink specials, so I can think of at least 2 reasons to go: alcohol and blog story :)

Mez- The company parties are super-duper fancy and I can't miss out!


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