~Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sarah Answers, Part One of Many

Thanks for giving me so much to do!!!

I am going to answer out of order because some questions demand a lot time, but I will get to them all.

Anonymous asked, "ok, an easy one for starters..... where are ya sarah?"

Easy indeed. I live in Atlanta: home of the 1996 Olympics and Whitney "crack is whack" Houston and Bobby Brown. I absolutely love living inside the city because there is always something exciting going on. Like the time Bobby Brown's nephew got stabbed in P Diddy's 5 star restaurant, Justin's. Yeah...

Indiana asked, "Favourite sex position and why?"

Way to go straight to the perv :). My favo(u)rite position is doggie style, especially this past year where sex has been less emotional. Not only do I love the angle, but I also feel less vulnerable with my belly and my chest facing away from the man in question. I just feel too exposed with that part of my body open to him.

Phil asked, "What do you put on your hotdog?"

First off, I found this pic last week of Phil eating a frankfurter in NY and I had a fit over his caption. Personally I like onions, chili, and mustard.

"Cam and Justin Timberlake. Do you want them to make it?"

No. Celebrity breakups make me feel good about myself.

"Which member of the Breakfast Club is the closest representation of you when you were in school?"

Brian, The Nerd. Sigh. I mean I never cried over an elephant lamp, but I grew up under a very strict roof. I wasn't allowed to wear certain clothing (My mother once called me a hooker when I wore a spaghetti-strapped shirt if that gives you any idea). I was a goody-goody to the extreme, but I managed to be stealth enough that I never got picked on.


Indiana said...

You go called a hooker for wearing spaghetti straps !!!

I really have no words to say to that.

Save, that it is a good position...but why the fear of being vulnerable?

Phil said...

Ha thanks for linking to the absolute worst photo of me ever.

And the hotdog tasted like turds.

Sarah said...

Indy- I can't look at him in the eyes, that's how you fall in love.

Phil- You realize you spent a dollar on a hotdog, which is questionable meat itself, floating in "water" for god knows how long on a street corner in NYC. What did you expect? :P

M said...

oh my god, it's 9 in the morning and all this talk of stale hotdogs is making me crave one! mmmmm hotdogs!


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