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Sarah Answers, Part Two of Many

Round two...

M asked, "Favourite band?"

Most people have never heard of him, but my favorite is Butch Walker. He had some success about five years ago in a band called The Marvelous 3, but he has since gone solo. The Marvelous 3 played anthem rock as a throw back to the 80s hair metal scene. Their concerts were absolutely amazing and they would have explosions in one song and snow in the next.

As a solo artist Butch Walker has gone much more indie, but it's still great stuff. He's best known these days as a producer for most of the American pop punk scene: Avril Lavigne, Bowling for Soup, Pink, Rock Star: Supernova, and Pete Yorn.

Other bands I'm big on right now: Beck, Mint Royale, and Liz Phair's "Exile to Guyville" hardly leaves my 6 disc player.

"Favourite movie genre?"

I'm going to have to stay with the classics. I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to films because I've seen so many of them, but those that stand the test of time rarely disappoint. Gone with the Wind, The Apartment, Casablanca, and The Godfather are all wonderful.

All-time favs: Uncle Buck, Amelie, True Romance (if you haven't seen this, I insist you do. Written by Quentin Tarantino with and all-star cast before any of them were famous) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Donnie Darko, and The Royal Tennebaums.

Nick asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

Christ. Ok. I'll be in my thirties then. Hopefully I will own a condo in the city and I'll still be pounding away at my job for The Man. I will also be a little more well traveled. I'll probably still be visiting the bars, I'll have given up beer by then due to the fact that my metabolism has begun to slow and I'll become one of those people who is able to sip on alcohol on the rocks. Whisky or bourbon probably. Still single, but better dressed.

"Do you believe in love?"

No. But I so want to be proven wrong. Love and I have some issues. I realized that I have never actually been around love. I don't remember my parents being together. My mother remarried a man she didn't love "to give me a father figure" (no guilt being put on me there). My father was married to my step-mother for 17 years before he could tell me that he loved her ( That was sometime in January--they married when I was 8) And I never had a roommate that was in love. So I've never been around it. I learned about it from TV and movies and I believe I'm ruined for life because it turns out that isn't love either. Fact of the matter is Lloyd Dobler does not exist.

"What is it that you most want in life?"

I want to be happy and fully independent. I believe I am both.

"In terms of guys: Good looking or wealthy?"

Either answer is going to make me look bad. I think I would choose wealthy. I really do get turned off when I meet men that make less than me. First of all, I don't make that much. I'm just really good with budgeting. But if he makes less than me than we can barely support ourselves, much less children should I ever decide to squeeze one out. I like the idea of the man being a provider and with that a sense of monetary security.

I've dated the starving artist before. Twice. It fucking sucks. Paying someone's rent for them isn't sexy. And the song dedications don't refill your bank account.

"Full head of hair or bald?"

I have a full head of hair. Oh, on men? I've broken up with a couple of perfectly nice guys for no other reason except they were bald. Like Bic bald. I'm just not attracted. Male pattern baldness is fine-- male pattern baldness can even be cute. I just don't see myself starting a relationship with Mr. Clean.

"Shaved or a la naturel ;)?"

Where is the hair in question? Below the belt, but above the knees? Better be kept tidy. On the face? Shaved. Although I find the five o'clock shadow hella sexy, my skin is too sensitive to be in contact with it. Back and shoulders? Yeah you got to take care of that too. Remind me sometime to tell the story about my friend Matt and his hairy ass, it's hilarious. Chest hair can be natural, as once again stubble is not compatible with me.

Gabriel K. asked, "All I want to know is what your real name is."

I answered you via e-mail. Nice to meet you :)


Gabriel K. said...

Sorry "Sarah," I didn't get anything.

send it here: akmenace17@gmail.com

M said...

hehe, of course I've seen True Romance (you are talking to a movie junkie). I love QT - though sometimes he doesn't quite hit the mark. My best friend in high school S and I used to quote True Romance during class all the time. Obviously I was a freak in high school. err..or maybe still am.

I've never heard of Butch Walker - will have to check him out. I love Liz Phair and Beck.

Phil said...

Still single, but better dressed.

Ok that made me laugh.


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