~Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The good, bad, and oh so ugly

The Good:

The really hot, freshly divorced, straight guy at work came up to me and said he thought about me over the weekend. I got all tingly inside.

The Bad:

He said he was at a salad bar and laughed when he saw the sneeze guard because it reminded him of my sneezes.

The Ugly:

Sneeze guards at salad bars remind my really hot, freshly divorced, straight coworker of me. He only thinks of me when my face explodes and snot goes everywhere.



Walter said...

I hope he doesn't have a sneeze fetish, and if he does, could he have divorced his wife because she didn't sneeze enough?

M said...

lol, men are so romantic aren't they? He's totally hot for you!

mel said...

he's totally hot and freshly divorced - at least he was thinking about you, who cares when, right?

Indiana said...

You have to laugh...cause only a freshly divorced guy would dare say that to a woman...~lol~

Jen said...

Better than not thinking of you at all I suppose...

SuvvyGirl said...

Think of it this way, it's flattering that something so simple can remind him of you. Granted it is a bit funny but it's kinda cute in an odd way.

Sarah said...

Walter- That's just weird!

M- I can't wait until we can finally sneeze together!

Mel- When you're dancing with your honey and your nose is kind of runny and you think it's kind of funny, but it'SNOT!

Indy- Good point. I feel better!

Jen- I guess, right?

Suvvy- I like the way you think! hehe

Miss Natalie said...

Maybe it's like back in the school yard, the boys tease and pull the girls hair of the ones they like? Nevertheless, hilarious ;-)

general_boy said...

but he still thinks of you... ;)

Sarah said...

Nat- one can only hope! Love the new avatar!

General- But does he think about me naked? That is the real question here.


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