~Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So, I tried again.

"Hey, I was a real jerk to you last week."

"Yeah." There was an awkward pause. If he couldn't say "I'm sorry," then I'm not obligated to "That's okay" or "Don't worry about it."

"Well you have your thing on Saturday. Do you want to do something Sunday?"

"Yeah." Wait. Shit, that wasn't the right response. I had even rehearsed this. Quick, I need to cover this up. "As friends."

This was the place where I was planning to tell him that there just wasn't any chemistry, which was technically true-- he was just such a terrible kisser. Instead I sat there silent on the phone, giving him no explanation.

"That's fine."

I couldn't speak.

"No, really, that's fine," he chirped again. "So I will give you, uh, a call."

"Okay. Later."

It's not that I'm so full of myself that I'm worried about breaking his heart. Ending things with someone is really more painful for me than it is for the other party, I'm sure, which is what makes me so completely terrible at it.

That's what I get for being so damn sensitive.

But I'm proud of myself for being an adult about it*.

*If everyone can just forget the part where I told him to fuck off last week, that would be great. Thanks in advance.


a giRL liKe mE said...

Such a Bridget Jones!

I miss the comedy of those days - slating men after dates, being proven wrong, and living in a world not dissimilar to Pride and Prejudice!

Jen said...

Its never easy to tell someone that you don't want to see them anymore or even to have the just friends talk. I keep thinking that as an "adult" it should be easier but I honestly think it is getting harder...oh well.

M said...

oh no the dreaded 'yeah' when you mean 'nah'! The downfall for many a young girl and boy!

adam said...

"Friends would be okay."

~~Nah..can't imagine it.~~

If you told him to "Fuck off" last week, and he's stil around "this" week...

I'd say, he's got it bad, real bad, for you!

(you might have to teach him how to kiss. You never know, it might be fun.)


Sarah said...

A girl like me- My favorite story!!! Where's my effing Mr. Darcy?!

Jen- It's not easy. Makes me want to be pickier about whom I agree to go out with...

M- I just didn't want to hurt his feelings!

Adam- we sort of have to be. We're in adjacent social circles so we'll run into each other a lot. Grr. But if it wasn't for that, I'd just skeedaddle!

Walter said...

I applaud your sensitivity, since most of the world has none.

Lil Bit said...

Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say what we want to say, and sometimes silence says it for us.

Thx for visiting me, btw. =)

Indiana said...

You told him to "fuck off", and he is still willing to go out as "just friends"...mmm...I have one word for a guy like him:


Miss Natalie said...

Ohhh.. And, do you think he will call?

Most men i've dated, as soon as i say 'as friends' there's that uncomfortable call and nothing.

Hope it works out differently fo ryou

Sarah said...

Walter- I think if I was truly sensitive I would have said more, but thanks for the vote :)

Lil bit- us southerners have to stick together!

Indiana- Wow, I hope that wasn't aimed at me. I broke things off! I did the right thing!

Natalie- Is it bad that I was hoping he wouldn't? They usually don't and I was banking on that...

Miss Natalie said...

ah, see, i have an additional issue - that typical female brain. I don't want them but still want to be disered. Same?

Sarah said...

WHAT? You mean KB's not going to pine for me forever?

I'm so with you on that.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry! He is just... such a clueless mutt!

If it makes you feel any better though, in my email to Adam breaking things off (again) - I rambled about my parents remodel toward the end. I don't even remember why.

NEVER, EVER, write a "break up" email after taking muscle relaxers or pills of any strength higher than say... Excedrin.

I'm still randomly kicking myself in the ass going, "STUPID! Amber... STUPID!"

I think the "fuck off" approach definitely works better on smitten puppies and over-sexed bastards.

Good luck with this next week and the dreaded call...

I'll be reading to see how things go! :)

Anonymous said...

"ah, see, i have an additional issue - that typical female brain. I don't want them but still want to be disered. Same? "

so so so true! hahaha


Sarah said...

RMP- Hahaha! It's a good thing I never take anything stronger than aspirin!

Swagato- You agree women are like that? Or are you like that yourself?

adam said...


maybe I should change my name...

what do you think, Sarah??

[how many adam's are there in Blogville!!]


Sarah said...

Yeah, Adam is not a good name to have over this neck of the woods ;)

Phil said...

Me suspects he heard the words "as friends" but his brain hasn't processed it yet.

Anonymous said...

I agree many woman are like that.. Then again I know a few of my female friends are exactly different. They dont care whether others desire them or not. It is a human nature.. Same way that we men tend to desire success and fame.



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