~Sunday, November 26, 2006

Take Two

Apparently screaming "You know what? Fuck you!" and hanging up on someone doesn't get the point across.

KB called while I was out of town and left a message probing when I would be back so we could go out again.

Which means, I have to end things. Again.

As if I didn't feel scuzzy enough the first time.


Miss Natalie said...

C'mon, you must've felt good yelling 'fuck you' down the phone to a guy you're no longer interested in?

Maybe he's one of those guys that want to talk about the realtionship *blegh*

general_boy said...

hahahaa... laughing at Natalie's comment.

There's a word used to describe people like him in one of my fave TV shows, "Coupling".

They're called "unflushables" LOL.

Phil said...

Maybe it's time to deploy your work nickname to scare him off.

hahahaa...laughing at general boy's comment.


Sarah said...

hahahaa...laughing at all y'all's comments!

Walter said...

Look, if you want to make sure he doesn't call again, before you say "Fuck you!" It's imperative you mock the size of his manhood, then say "Fuck you" and follow with a one word recap on his privates, like, tiny, shrimpy, pencil dick, etc. If you follow this pattern he WILL NOT BOTHER YOU AGAIN.

Sarah said...

Walter- That's just mean!


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