~Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I didn't want to end things with KB the day before Thanksgiving. I thought it would be cruel to send someone into the holiday having to tell the extended family, "We're not seeing each other anymore as of yesterday." But I had already ignored a text and a phone call this week, so I had to take his call.

The conversation started off pleasant enough. I thought because I was going out of town for the remainder of the week, I could get away with not seeing him without actually telling him that I would be never seeing him again.

But he had to start talking about politics.

Long story short, I didn't take my exit from the School of Class, but now he knows. I feel dirty, but a lot better.


Walter said...

Feeling dirty? Take a shower. :P
Kudos for being sympathetic of another person's feelings, even if that other person couldn't kiss to save his life. You did the right thing, and he'll be fine, and you're a lot better off.

Anonymous said...

Fucking politics. Doesn't he know any better?

M said...

uh oh, the politics talk - often a kiss of death (no pun intended)!

Jen said...

It's ok to get dirty now and then you can't always be a diplomat. Like Walter suggested a shower will was away all the dirt :P.

Miss Natalie said...

Life is too short to worry about ohter peoples feelings if you are comprimising your own.

(sorry if i come across as a cold hearted bitch)

general_boy said...

I admire people who can just break things off like that. I am such a goddam coward... I'd just stop anwsering any form of electronic communication and pray I didn't have the mnisfortune to come across the "discardarino" in person. :)

niels said...

I think it's best to deal with these issues as soon as they come up. One of my most difficult experiences was being dumped by a girl who'd been pretending for a while that she still had feelings for me. It left me wondering if I could trust any of my friends.

londongirl said...

Horrid thing to have to do. But good on you for being brave and doing it. Lots of guys just disapear and hope we won't notice.

Sarah said...

Walter- You just want to get me naked!

TDG- Gggrah! Indy was right- he MUST be inexperienced to bring up politics.

M- LOL! I love a good pun :)

Jen- That makes me feel better since I know we've discussed the importance of the graceful exit before.

Natalie- You never come across off as that!

General Boy- Ugh, you and every other guy out there. Are you afraid that we're going to wig out on you?

Niels- I'm sorry you had to go through that. We girls go through that more often than not these days.

LondonGirl- So this isn't just an American thing and guys run off unannounced all the time? Sheesh.

Phil said...

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, regardless of how it makes you feel at the time. Proud of you Sarah.

Sarah said...

Phil- Like a Band-Aid. Right off! No anesthesia!


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