~Monday, December 11, 2006

Could I get that on a t-shirt somewhere?

I have just added the following to my online profile:

Musicians need not apply-- please keep your shitty band to yourself.

This will accomplish a few things:

  • Keeping those shitty musicians away from me. Writing their rent checks isn't sexy, no matter how many song dedications you get.
  • Those that read this and think I'm bitchy will also not contact me. If they don't find this funny, they will not understand me nor my sense of humor at all. Call it a preemptive strike.
  • Those that did read this and laugh are people that I actually want to talk to.
I like using my online profile as a social experiment. It's fun when the mood strikes me and I change my profile to read something small and weird about me and see if it's accepted or not.

Plus it helps that my service is free, so I'm not wasting money on my eccentricities.


Anonymous said...

Humorous logic - I love it!

socal sweetie said...

Lol, I read it and laughed. I like your logic too

Indiana said...

You don't like the song dedications? ~grin~

Miss Natalie said...

My list would be 30times longer ;-)

Anonymous said...

By God! I laughed! ~~I'm a lyric writer!...does that make me persona-non-gratis???~~

My profile changes by the day..at least, lately. Ummm...Social experiment. Yes! I like that!

LOL & thumbs up, to you!

xx, Cain.

M said...

hahaha, god love musos :)

Phil said...

I always love your work Sarah!

If had a profile my anti-psycho line would be "I'm not your Daddy".

Anonymous said...


londongirl said...

Excellent. I need to add into my profile "if you are over forty and a farmer, I'm not interested. No matter how rich you are. Trust me on this one. And by the way, if you have kids, again, I'm not interested. Even if they are lovely"

What is it about people which makes them think you're DYING to hear from them, despite them not matching any of your criteria?


Rant over...

PinkJellybaby said...

when i used to have online profiles, i'd put things like this in. if someone can laught about it then they have a good personality

Anonymous said...

When I had a profile I used to do this as well. It always amazed me that the people that fit the criteria I specifically said I did NOT want to hear from still responded.

Sarah said...

RMP- Thanks!

Socal- I'm glad the humor is going through versus the bitchiness :)

Indiana- Depends? Are the accompanied with reimbursements for the rent checks?

Natalie- I started a longer list too, and decided I looked bitter, so I removed all of my no-nos except musicians and people who don't wear shirts in their profile pictures.

Cain- Yea, you laughed! Writing is fine, garage bands are not ;)

M- I guess everyone needs love?

Phil- Wow. There must be a story behind that. I want to hear it :)

TDG- Thanks!

Londongirl- I have NO idea! I hope it's that they are playing the numbers game and e-mail everybody and hope for one or two responses. Or maybe they don't even read the profile...

PinkJellyBaby- That's what I'm hoping for...

Sarah said...

Jen- no kidding. Sometimes I wish that I could just have a list of no-nos.

No lava lamps in your bedroom.

No musicians.

No shirtless profile pics.


Walter said...

I say run another social experiment by saying something horrific and see who still replies.

Sarah said...

Yeah, not attaching my pic to that where I could potentially get recognized.

general_boy said...

There's just not enough space in the blooger profile box to put all the ever so slightly wrong stuff I'd like to put in there;)

Hmmm... gives me an idea for another blog though. A social experiment... yes.. good idea!!!


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