~Sunday, December 10, 2006

God bless you!

When I first bought The Big Lebowski DVD in 2001, I ran to my then-boyfriend's DVD player, popped it in, and watched the scene where The Dude drops his joint in his lap, squeals like a girl, pours beer in his lap to extinguish the J, and consequently crashes his car into a garbage can. I replayed that scene for at least twenty minutes while rolling on the floor laughing. My boyfriend just laughed at me in amusement.

I had the same reaction to this video. Thanks Two Drink Girl.

Yup, it's still funny.


general_boy said...

Hehe... I had the same thing the very first time I saw the Simpsons Episode where Homer jumps the Springfield Gorge on Bart's skateboard. I replayed that sequence where he bounces all the way down the cliff, hits the bottom of the gorge, then gets hit on the head by the skateboard, then gets winched out on the stretcher banging his head against the cliff face all the way up ( *crunch* d'oh! *crunch* d'oh! *crunch* d'oh! ), then gets put in the back of the ambulance which drives about 6 feet before hitting a tree, causing the back doors to fly open and Homer and the stretcher to fall out and roll over the cliff again, bounce against rocks all the way down, hit the bottom, and then have the stretcher land on his head.

I just rewound it and watched it about 20 times, crying with laughter.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it...I keep watching it and it is still funny!

Sarah said...

GenBoy- That was back when The Simpsons was good and the plot was coherent. It made me laugh just to read about it!

TDG- Today it's going around the office. Oh yeah!

londongirl said...

I'm with you on the panda. But you can keep the other clip.

Shrek however... I howl the whole way through. It appears I have the sense of humour of a seven year old. humn...

Phil said...

Love The Dude and Walter.

"I can get you a toe by this afternoon"

Walter said...

I need to rent that movie since I never got a chance to see it way back when. :(

Anonymous said...

That is waaaay funny and made my day...I am sending it to everyone at work :)

Sarah said...

Londongirl- I loved Shrek, but I thought the humor was a bit too old for kids!

Phil- He peed on my rug!

Walter- It's a must-see :)

Scorpy- Yea! I made someone's day!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup - what IS it with you and I and weed this week? Hahaha.

M said...

oh my god I LOVE TBL! <3

Sarah said...

RMP- Hopefully that is over!

M- Oh such a good movie!


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