~Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Decoding Sarah

If I were being truly gut-wrenchingly honest with myself:

"I don't want to get married" really means "No one wants to marry me. Why won't anyone love me? Why?"

Alternately, it also means "This asshole is creepy."

"I don't want to have children" really means "I don't have a husband that would support me so I could be a stay at home mom and do this parenting thing properly."

Alternately, it also means "I'm afraid of becoming my mother."

"Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show" really means "I like watching Derek turn down Meredith in all these painful and humiliating ways because that happens to me all. The. Time."

Alternately, it also means "I loved Patrick Dempsey since Can't Buy Me Love. Never has nerddom been so hot. So hot."

"I'm lonely" really means "I want a figment of my imagination. I will inevitably be disappointed by the living breathing version and spooning on my couch will never be comfortable because it's just too small."

Alternately, it also means... well, that's just what it means.


Walter said...

"...Tis the season for DEPRESSION, fa la la la la, la la la la..."

I'm not mocking you, just showing my empathy.

Phil said...

The best comedy has a grain of pain and truth about it.

Boy, that made me laugh.

At myself.

allbilly said...

Can't buy me love turned out a lot better for the nerd than it did for "hot/popular" girl.

Go Nerds!

Anonymous said...

I can't argue with nerddom being hot :) We are, after all, the coolest people on the planet... and modest too.

pinkjellybaby said...

well. at some point. one person will turn yup who changes all of this. you just watch and see

socal sweetie said...

Aw, that special person that will make you change those sentences will come along soon. =). And I also like watching Grey's Anatomy for the same twisted reason, although Derek and Meredith seem to be quite happy right now...lol

M said...

"he went from totally geek, to totally chic"


Sarah said...

Walter- It's all good! I'm not depressed :)

Phil- Shh, Baby. No words are needed; I know we feel the same.

It's not always easy being attracted to Mr. Dempsey. It's the stubble, isn't it? That's what does it for me. :)

Allbilly- How did it turn out better for the nerd, but not the popular girl? They ended up together!

Jedimerc- Obviously :)

Pink Jellybaby- You think? That would be awesome.

Socal- Seriously! They need to fight and she needs to cry now! Well, maybe after another gratuitous sex scene...

M- If only all nerds had six-packs hidden under their button-downs. *Sigh*

Billy said...

I meant their careers...should have clarified that. That girl would make a good..."where are they now"...

pinkjellybaby said...

yep. i think. well i know. there are nice ones out there, just sometimes they hide a bit


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