~Friday, December 15, 2006


The staccato of my right turn signal illuminates the quarrel behind me.

Flash. She's yelling at him.

Flash. He bends over and looks for something between the seats.

Flash. She looks as well, but then stops to holler some more.

Flash. He looks out the window.

Flash. She flips the visor to reapply some lipstick.

Flash. She yells some more.

Flash. He looks out the window.

Flash. He looks out the window.

Flash. He looks out the window.

I wanted to tell them whatever was lost in their Land Rover wasn't worth all the anger. That when she yells like that, her face contorts unflatteringly. That he leans away from her, putting as much physical distance between them that seat belts will allow. I wanted to say it's Friday night and I'm going home alone while they are out together.

I often forget about the downside of having a significant other: the fighting. I have had some knock down fights in my day. The screaming. The frustration of not being understood. The contempt. The low blows.

The traffic light turned green and I drove home, excited over my evening of laundry and season one of Coupling which arrived in the mail yesterday. They turned left and will look forward to an evening of frustration and contempt.

Actually, it's kind of nice not having someone around to tell me what a piece of shit I am.


Anonymous said...

I have found it is definitely not worth it, fighting over the little things, or most anything. I understand the necessity of informed debate, but even then, when people are close, why do we feel the need to be worse than with total strangers? Or that way at all? We all get mad, sure, but anger and contempt, at least in my experience, tend to lead to suffering (more wisdom learned from Yoda :)

general_boy said...

Sometimes I think maybe I am a freak, or just very lucky to have not been a victim of or inflicted any form of physical abuse. Soooo many stories out there, makes me sad. :(

season one of Coupling

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Well Sarah, you are in for an absolute treat. Let me know when you have seen the episode entitled "The Girl with Two Breasts". It's pure gold.


socal sweetie said...

Yea, I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes it sucks to be alone for the obvious reasons, but I think it sucks even more to be with someone that makes you really unhappy and brings a lot of unnecessary drama! At least you went home happy =]

Sarah said...

jedimerc- I've wondered that myself. Why would people treat the ones closest to them worse then they would treat their enemies?

general_boy- I rented it just because of your unflushable joke :)

Socal- I did go home happy. And I had a perfect night :)

Anonymous said...

I don't miss those fights...but I do miss the make ups though :)

Vince said...

Enjoy... that's a *great* series...

Sarah said...

Scorpy- Believe it or not, I've never had make up sex. I hope it's worth waiting for!

Vince- It was very good. I already lent it to a friend. :)

pinkjellybaby said...

firstly you're not a shit

secondly some time you will find a relationship that's not like that. i've had plenty. 6 years of it in one relationship and maaaaaaan, sometimes it's best being on your own, you're absolutely right

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya there, Sarah!!

~~Hope you have a Merry Christmas! I posted a Card for you, and all my blogger favorites...

Short time, yes..but, you've become one.


xx, Cain.

allbilly said...

Unfortunately, I have been a party to many, many moments such as that. All relationships aren't that way....just most of them. The resentment that brews from such encounters is a real killer.

Sarah said...

Pink Jellybaby- WHA? You mean not all men fight dirty?!

I'm partially kidding and I'm partially not.

Cain- Merry Christmas to you! I'll be sure to check it out :)

Allbilly- Not all? Again this is a difficult concept to grasp...

Walter said...

I think you left out the all important element of "make up sex".

Arguments with your spouse do suck, which is why you should continue taking your time in the dating scene to weed out potential spouses who are going to be more problematic than a boon in your life. This doesn't mean you won't have arguments, but it'll mean the arguments will be productive as oppose to fights that do nothing but tear each other down.

Sarah said...

As I said to Scorpy, the reason I didn't think about it is because I've never had it. What's the fun in getting told you're a piece of shit without having angry sex afterwards?

pinkjellybaby said...

some men don't fight at all!


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