~Thursday, December 14, 2006


I looked at my dog and belched.

It was so loud, my eyes widened while it reverberated through my loft.

She, on the other hand, stuck her nose in my face and smelled.

While smelling, she let out a small doggie burp.

"All right!" and I held my hand up.

She met my high-five.

It was the perfect moment between man and beast.

Er, girl and dog.

Er, beast and dog.

And this, folks, is why I live alone.


Indiana said...

It might be one of the reasons ~grin~

brea said...

Hee. I love it. Dogs really do demonstrate unconditional love don't they!?

Anonymous said...

Too freakin' funny.

You forgot to rate it though.

You a 9 (for the reverbation) and the dog a... 6? (for stinky breath on top of a well-timed burp)?

Thanks for the laugh, Sarah! :)

Anonymous said...

haha :)


socal sweetie said...

Aww, I love dogs. That's adorable =)

allbilly said...

dogs are great. they don't understand personal space. the funny thing is...kids are the same way....if you are a guy like me that still finds farting and burping funny, your boys will too. They respond very similarly to your dog. I fart, they laugh and then squeeze one out and we all laugh and high five. This is why some women decide that sharing their life with other women is a really good idea.

Walter said...

Maybe if you didn't belch so loud your dog would be able to find another human to co inhabit your dog's loft.

Sarah said...

Indiana- I'm sure my Pantsless Wednesdays scare a few people off too. :)

Brea- They really do. She's my buddy :)

RMP- HA! I actually thought about rating it, but thought it would be too much. I was going to give mine a 10 for a comparison to Barney Gumble :)

Swagato- :)

Socal- It was adorable. Well except for the whole belching part :)

Allbilly- Dogs have the mental capacity of 2-year-olds, so it is like living with a retarded child.

Walter- Well I'm glad we could solve the mystery as to why I'm single.

Lil Bit said...


*burp* ;)

Anonymous said...

sounds like my parent's dogs. I swear, everytime I go over there, they forget that saw me only 3 days ago and go completely insane for the first half hour I am over... like bouncing fuzzy pinballs using the furniture as bumpers.

Anonymous said...

cats do it too, and that is gross. have a good evening. poet

Phil said...

Bodily Function Pooch?

Do not tell this story to that guy at work or you will NEVER hear the end of it!

Sarah said...

Lil- glad you could join the club!

Jedimerc- Oh yeah, she thinks that of my couch.

Poet- I don't think I've ever seen a cat burp?

Phil- Indeed. Good idea.

general_boy said...

you could set up a video camera and leave it running for ten years and never capture that again.

Miss Natalie said...

love it !

I'm sure there are other reasons.. i wnat to steal Indy's grin :-)

Sarah said...

general_boy- I think so too.

Natalie- Yes, I must have a few reasons of my own. hehe :)

Bluesoup said...

I don't think I will go in to the reasons why I live with two rats... :P

Sarah said...

Oh, I think you should :)


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