~Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Forget You,

you "Aussies." With your "summertime." And your "short pants." Your merry "beach Christmases."

Think y'all are so "special," do you? Well, I'm off to my beach house too. Sure I'll be wearing my "new winter coat," but the tide will look the same. I just "won't be able to go in without getting sick."

Be back on the 30th. Be jealous.


AT said...

Fucking kangaroos...
We'll see who's saying "g'day" in July.

M said...

ooooeeerr, remember to wear yer long johns! :P

jedimerc said...

I'm jealous. I love the beach this time of year... in both countries :)

I wonder if a/c is still optional in 'Oz?

Miss Natalie said...


i'll have a nice summer glow :-)

happy chrissie gal (did i get the accent right hehehe)

Scorpy said...

LOL...sorry but yes it was 38c at home and we sweltered until we decided to go to the pool...I also got a top up on the tan. Have a good trip :)

Princess said...

Have fun!! You'll be missed! :)

And for the record, I AM jealous. Sure, I have my beautiful mountains... but I'm 1000 miles away from the nearest beach.


Anonymous said...

I miss snow :(


Billy said...

you could start one of those dumbass polar bear club type traditions where a bunch of pasty white folks dive into freezing cold water....or just sit out on the deck in a big ass coat and get drunk.

Cain said...

have fun!! see ya, later!!



general_boy said...

hahahahahahha!!! take that generalBoy!!!!

( actually, we get a fair flogging from storms that roll in off the sea over winter... but we put up with it because for 5 months a year it's bliss ;) )

anyway, enjoy the break and look forward to reading of holiday adventunres on your return. :)

Phil said...

Feel for us Sarah.

Brisbane is recording it's lowest December ever. 77F

I almost wore jeans yesterday!

Hope you a lovely break, full of hot toddies or hot Todds. Whatever suits your mood.

socal sweetie said...

Aw, have an amazing time!

Two Drink Girl said...

It's the 30th, come back! :-)

Sarah said...

AT- Those roos are scary fuckers. I was told about them!

M- It wasn't too bad :)

Jedimerc- I love the beach in the wintertime too. Hell, I love it anytime.

Natalie- I'm back with my nontan :)

Scorpy- Farmer's tan. LOL!

Princess- Different strokes, right? Mountains do nothing for me :)

Swagato- I don't see snow at all :(

Billy- I bought 3 bottles of wine for my trip, hehe :)

Cain- Happy New Year!

General_Boy- Take that! LOL! Oh adventures were had...

Phil- Puh. It was 73 when I left this morning. Not too bad?

What are hot toddies? That's the second time I've seen that this week.

Socal- I did! Thanks!

TDG- I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Lil Bit said...

LOLOL!!! So damn true, grrr. lol

Hope ya had a nice trip to the coast. =)


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