~Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Eve eve

Christmas Eve eve (that would be last Saturday for anyone counting), I drove up to school to see my bestest roommate and runner-up for the love of my life: Satchel. Satchel proved third time's a charm for living with men. Of course it helped that we split the rent and had our own bedrooms. And never had sex. Satchel is my platonic life partner and he was back in town and throwing a party.

I called Conor to let him know about the shindig and he was really excited about having me come up. He quickly offered me his spare bedroom and invited me beforehand for dinner.

"Caroline's cooking," he said.

What he didn't tell me was that they were having Caroline's family over to celebrate Christmas. I found myself at my ex boyfriend's Christmas celebration with his girlfriend's family. I don't know if they felt awkward or not, but I felt it was a new personal low for me. The worst part is that I kept thinking, he dumped me for this? Her family is so white trash: they wore camouflage to Christmas dinner and joked about who was in jail most recently. Caroline's mother won.

During Conor's tour of his new house, he pointed out the spare bedroom he made up for me and said, "Looks like my old apartment, doesn't it?" So I would be spending the night in a replica of Conor's old apartment. Yup, I am pathetic.

I told Conor we should take two cars to Satchel's party. The evening was such an emotional low that I didn't know I would come back and sleep in the bedroom next to Conor's and his live-in girlfriend. Additionally, if I didn't know that many people at Satchel's I would only stay a couple of hours before trucking it back to the city. But they insisted it would be alright and I got to pick up Caroline's brother on the way.

I walked in the door and screamed, "Love of my life!" while jumping into Satchel's arms. And immediately locked eyes with Brad, a boy who never called again after I threw up on him five years ago. Shit. It turned out I knew a lot of Satchel's friends and was immediately placed at the drinking game table with some very cute boys.

Satchel came over and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and whispered, "Your friend David is cute. Very cute." I made eyes at David and Satchel and I laughed.

"Well he's single and graduated from school and is a very nice guy."

"Shit. Those are higher standards then I've had in the last three months." We laughed again.

I had been playing a drinking game for the past 45 minutes, so I didn't know how discreet I was, or if Satchel told David about my revelation, but when the cameras began flashing, I was in more than a few of his. As the night continued, there was ass grabbing and light spanking as we passed each other into the kitchen for more beer. Then he was two seats away from me at the drinking game table. Then he was next to me. Then his hand was on my knee.

I froze. I didn't know what to do next. It seemed like I've been on nothing but blind dates for the past several months and during that time, I've forgotten how to flirt. My instinct was to put my hand on top of his, but it seemed like a lame maneuver. I rested it there for a minute, squeezed, then pulled away. His hand remained on my knee. Good.

Conor called me into the kitchen. Caroline wants to go home. Tough. There's a cute boy putting his hand on my knee in the other room, I'm not leaving. This is exactly why I wanted to take two cars. Conor was afraid to tell Caroline that I wasn't ready to leave because he feared she would get angry with him. I brought up the last time I was in town with Nick, who he hadn't seen in two or three years. Caroline informed him that no more people were coming over to his house and then she locked him out of his room. Again Conor hadn't seen Satchel in two years and Caroline wanted them to go home.

Per Conor's request, I broke the news to Caroline that I wasn't ready to leave. "What about your brother? Can he pick you up?"

"No, he's drunk already," she snapped. I was taken aback at the tone of her voice.

"Well what about his friends? Can anyone come and get you?"


"Well, sorry, but I'm not leaving yet."

I turned back to the Boy Whose Hand is on My Knee. Behind me, I heard another girl ask Caroline what's wrong.

"My driver is off playing drinking games." Jesus Christ.

Five minutes had passed and Conor called me into the kitchen again. He wants to take my truck home. My truck. His girlfriend. Satchel jumped in saying David could drive me back to Conor's. He hollered down the hall to David, "Hey D, can you take Sarah back to her car later?"


I turned to Conor. "Conor, it's my truck."

"I know, I'm sorry. But she's mad at me now."

"She is being utterly ridiculous. When I've become stranded at parties, I've always called someone or walked. Or slept it off on the couch. Or a bedroom. Or in the back seat of your car." Conor laughed. I had done the latter the past Cinco de Mayo while he was drinking in a hotel with Caroline. "Conor," I reached up and brushed his hair back, "Are you happy? I mean with Caroline?"

"We just moved in together." He avoided answering my question. Conor cannot be alone. He is the neediest boy I've ever met. He used to call at 4 AM and I'd come over and find him passed out on his living room floor next to a shot glass and an empty bottle of whisky. At the time I had mistaken it for liking me and needing me, but with time I realized he just couldn't be alone. Conor will stick a relationship out, even if it's bad, unless he can lily hop into another relationship. Well, that or he really does like her and doesn't want to tell me.

He ran his hand under my chin and cupped it, " I love you."

"I love you too, Conor." I leaned in to embrace him and we kissed lightly.

"I should have told you that years ago." I hate that all my movie moments are with Conor. I wish that they were with someone who actually wants me, not someone who's making sure he's still desirable.

I shoved my car keys in his hand. "Yes, you should have," and I walked out of the kitchen and headed back to my drinking game, where I would now be losing intentionally.


Two Drink Girl said...

dude! Craziness!

M said...

hm, those people who are afraid to be alone at all scare me a bit to tell you the truth. They're all fine if they're in a relationship but when you see them when they're not in one, or about to break up it's like they're a big destructive (to self and otherwise) mess.

David sounds fun :)

Phil said...

There has to be a Part Two?

You can't leave us hanging!

Hands on knees, inappropriate declarations from ex-boyfriends, drinking games...

Princess said...

So... what happened with BoyWhoHadHisHandOnYourKnee???

Cain said...

I would bet~~drinks, aside~~that, Boywhohadhishandonyourknee is...


(to be continued.)

Good Luck..or, not, with the "drinking game."


Sarah said...

TDG- Such is my life, but that's why you keep coming back. :)

M- They don't scare me, but they make me feel tricked because I thought they wanted me and it turns out they'll take anyone. I remember going to bars with Conor and he would use the EXACT SAME lines he used with me on girls he was trying to flirt with.

Phil- Yes, there is a part two. And possibly a part three tonight :)

Princess- That's a whole other story.

Cain- I love going back to school just to play my drinking games :)

jedimerc said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year :)

(and yay drinking games :)

allbilly said...

Conor would make a great movie character...but something tragic would have to happen so we could see his reaction and that would make the movie good.

Is Conor worth swearing off because of the seemingly continuous emotional roller coaster?

Pinky said...

ooo i'm looking forward to this one!

Sarah said...

Allbilly- I never said I was swearing Conor off.

Pinky- heheh :)

Lil Bit said...

Oh, yay, lol, the pre-story to the other David story. LOL

... and her family wore camouflage to Christmas dinner??? WTF?!?
I *heart* camo now, but there's a time & place. Shoo! lol

Sarah said...

Yeah I have a couple pieces of camo- the girlie kind, not the hunting kind, but to Christmas dinner?!?


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