~Thursday, December 14, 2006

Links Update

I have updated my links list. If you linked to me and I missed linking you back, please leave a comment. I did my best from wholinkstome.com, but I'm positive I missed a few folks.

If you would just like a link in general, holler. I'm looking for new blogs to read. Also, if your link is broken or if you are listed incorrectly or would like to be listed differently, please let me know. But understand ahead of time I refuse to list anyone as "Cock Master" or something similar. :)


Anonymous said...

Blast, and it has always been my dream to be listed as 'Cock Master'. I'm soooo disheartened, weeping actually :)

Seriously, if you would like to add me that would be cool... my blog is occasionally entertaining.

Sarah said...

Done and done :)

Walter said...

Are the following list names;
Rooster Master
Thigh Master
out of the question as well?

Sarah said...

Walter- If you will create a new blog, I will list you as Thigh Master.

That is a promise :)

Phil said...

I really have to clear my cache more often. I've been dropping by daily, patiently waiting for you to update and then today (post cache clearing) I find three posts I missed earlier. Bugger.

socal sweetie said...

Thanks! Yea, player is the only one I didn't really understand on the list. I'm thinking she meant, don't let the guy run his game on you first, date around freely and don't deal with shady guys until you meet the right guy. However, I really don't know, and I definitely don't condone cheating or playing different guys at once =)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not allowed to link to you, but you can't share the love?

Sarah said...

Phil- I've been patiently waiting for you to drop by :)

Is that what's wrong? Sometimes I have that problem too. I usually just blame Blogger, like I do for everything else.

Socal- That list was so funny. It was like: be kind, be honest, steal, share. Which of these does not belong? lol

TDG- I don't want things to get messy. I'll e-mail you.

pinkjellybaby said...

oh look! there's me!


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