~Thursday, December 21, 2006


It was a holiday for the underpaid
Everybody got a haircut and lemonade
-- Angie Aparo, "Spaceship"

"Will you come into my office, please?"

Oh fuck.

"Shut the door behind you."

Double fuck. Fuckity fuck.


"What did you say?"


She picks up an envelope off her desk and tries to hand it to me. "Open this, please."

I just eye it suspiciously, refusing to touch it. "Is it pink?"

She laughs, "No. We're offering you a raise." She extends her reach again.

This time I grab the envelope.


Jen said...

What a great early Christmas present!

pinkjellybaby said...


Walter said...

Festivus wishes do come true!

Sarah said...

Jen- I know!

Pink Jellybaby- Woot for more money!

Walter- Not Festivus, Chrismakkuh!

Billy said...

I am glad your talent is being rewarded.

Now go buy a nice bottle of whiskey.

Two Drink Girl said...


Sarah said...

Billy- One of my talents anyway :)

TDG- Hello Coach!

Bluesoup said...

Wooo Woo Wooooo!! Congrats!

sexyincanada said...

hmmm... a girl who loves big dogs, sushi, AND is now being properly compensated at work? now just tell me that you find canadian guys sexy, and i'll start booking my flight! ;)

Phil said...

Huzzahs and congratulations Sarah!

Sarah said...

BS- Yea! Thanks!

SexyinCA- Wow a man who pays attention. I'm going to go home and tell my diary about this :)

Phil- Huzzahs for huzzahs!

M said...

woo, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awesome :) Enjoy the drinks you can buy w the extra money u get now:) Have a lovely christmas and a fun filled New Year


Sarah said...

Mez- Totally!

Swag- Actually it just means I can renew my lease on my loft in April. I guess I can finish unpacking the rest of those boxes after all.

general_boy said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah!!! Go Sarah! Go Sarah.. aha... aha.. Go Sarah! Go sarah! ( and soforth ) ;)

socal sweetie said...

Congrats on the raise!! I'm sure you worked hard for it, and you'll definitely enjoy it around this time of year!

sexyincanada said...

oh no! AND you have a loft?? i think i'm in love! :)

Sarah said...

General_boy- Go me! Shake my booty!

Socal- Thank you!

SexyinCA- It's small, but done up really nicely :)

Lil Bit said...

Woot! A raise! High five! =)


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