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Laugh all you want, you MyHaters, but MyStalkingTM is critical for the single college student up through the 20-something. There is some very important and necessary information that can and should be learned by someone before agreeing to go out with another. MySpace is easy to access and someone's page can be found with an e-mail address or even a name. With time, it can also be found through circle of friends' friends lists.

Is he single? Check the relationship status box, does it say In a Relationship or Single? People are quick to change that when relationships go sour, so it's an accurate indicator.

What is he here for? Is he here for Friends? Dating? Serious Relationship? Although no one actually uses MySpace to meet new people (at least no I know does, we use it just to keep in touch), his answer will indicate what he's looking for and how serious he wants to get. Having Dating listed, but not Serious Relationship, will give you an idea of his mindset.

Does he have his shirt on in his profile picture? Seriously? Do you really want to date that guy? You know, the one who doesn't have his shirt on in his profile picture? Forget MyStalkingTM, that's just a good rule of thumb.

Who is in his Top 8? Is it all girls or is it a mix of males and females? What do the girls look like? If it's eight barely-clothed, slutty looking girls, he's a player. If it's eight normal looking girls, he might just have a lot of female friends, however, most guys will at least have a best bro in the Top 8. It's just not normal to have a unisex Top 8. The same applies to guys who have all-male Top 8s.

What do his comments say? Check out his comments section: who is leaving them and what do they say? 20-something girls are fairly conniving and will leave, "Thanks for last night ;)" all over a guy's MySpace as an attempt to stake claim on him. How often do these comments appear? Do they appear from the same girl, or different girls? You can also check the date for frequency. In the case of an ambiguous flirtation, click on the girl's profile to see what he has written to her. This is often a missed, but very important step.

And, for the MyStalkingTM Pro, try reverse stalking. Put a stat counter that works without javascript on your MySpace page. This is the one I use. Because MySpace doesn't allow javascripts, the stats are going to be limited, but you're still going to get a location and an IP address and anyone with a blog stat counter knows how to use this to figure out who someone is.

It's how I found out despite limited messaging through MySpace, David still visits my page at least 4 times a day. And every visit is a thought.

Still nay say about MyStalkingTM as a reference check for future dates? My friend in New York City found out through a combination of MyStalkingTM and Googling a potential suitor was fired from his school teaching job for molesting children. If that's not a reason to start, I don't know what is.


Indiana said...

And this is only one of the many reasons that I do not have one of those...but I wonder what it means when most of your Blog readers are female...does that make me a playa? And if so, could they all send me photos of themsleves in slutty attire ~grin~

general_boy said...

Indiana took the words right outta my mouth... on pretty much every count! LOL

Sarah said...

Indy- you already know you have a big dirty harem of sycophants! Ask and ye shall receive, but I'm pretty sure Miss Natalie won that bet ;)

General Boy- Because it interferes with proper game running? OOH BURN! Score one for the ladies! :P

jedimerc said...

Actually I think it means you are selective with whom you post, Indiana :) Seriously, I think there is a higher percentage of female bloggers than men... but whatever... I'me here for the words :)

No comment on MySpace other than that some people like it and that I have my reasons for not liking it.

Princess said...

I thought that was great advice and tips, Sarah! As I was reading, I realized that I do most of that anyway - but mostly because I'm just a nosy bee-yotch. However, if it ever comes down to a dating thing... I'll be referring back to this entry, hehe. Thanks! :)

adventure boy said...

Sound advice, Sarah. But I find MySpace difficult to use. There's so much slime there, on both male and female profiles, that it's almost impossible to know what's true or false. Maybe it's a guy thing in the sense that we're less likely to be unable to handle a date if the datee is a weirdo (for reasons of sheer physical size), but I'd be more inclined to go with the flow and find out for myself who a girl is. Then again, I do google. Perhaps i'm just an old-fashioned risk-taker lol.

pinkjellybaby said...

oh yessss. it's a good way to find out about people!
this is wonderfully written, and i agree, it's a good way to check out what impression people want to give of themselves!!
however, don't judge someone completely on their online persona. mine is completely different from one of my old blogs!

Phil said...

For us thirtysomethings we have to rely on the tried and true methods.

Malicious gossip and rumour.

Jen said...

I never really understood what MySpace was for...hence the reason I stayed away.

Good advice Sarah!

Sarah said...

Jedimerc- Do you really think more bloggers are female? I tend to agree with you based on whom I read.

Princess- Glad I could inform one more lady!

Adventure Boy- LOL! It's not a use to weed out dates by being picky, but just a way to avoid the ones with glaring red flags. It's helped me before.

Pinky- That is a good point: that people can purposely alter their online persona. I hope that with MySpace accounts that are linked to people you actually know, there has to be some accountability there, or else your friends will give you shit for lying. :)

Phil- Ah, the old locker room method :)

Jen- I can find the good in all things, hehe :)

londongirl said...

Blimey. This is a whole new world. Don't think I'm ready for Myspace.

I'm with adventure boy - bit of healthy google stalking before a date, but that's my lot.

general_boy said...

I deserved that.

Two Drink Girl said...

Oohh! You stole my word! You didn't even give me credit, you just stuck a "TM" on the end and called it good! Damn! :-)

Sarah said...

London Girl- I like to think of it as Googling with more refined search results. :)

General Boy- hehe :)

TDG- I was going to give you credit, but I saw it listed here.

Indiana said...

Actually she didn't :P

And my harem is not dirty...and they are hardly sycophants...hardly. ~grin~

Two Drink Girl said...

Dude! The Urban Dictionary stole my word! WTF?

M said...

hm, I have about an even number of boy and girl readers I think. Damn, I should up my sexiness factor!

I absolutely hate MySpace. I know pretty much everything in the "dating" or "attracting others" world is about self-whoring but must they be so blatant?! PLEASE don't say you post naked shoulder pictures of yourself with you looking over your shoulder and smiling coquettishly at the camera! ;)

Sarah said...

Indiana- Yes they are ;)

TDG- So did about a 100 other people. Google it!

M- Oh god no! I don't use it to meet people, just to stay in touch with friends. They would give me so much crap if I did that!


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