~Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's Eve



"You didn't!"

"I did, what's wrong with that?"

"This is why you're single. This moment right here. You need me to move back in with you to dictate all your e-mails," scorned Satchel. I called him in Florida to get the scoop, if any, on his friend that he so highly recommended. "Read it to me again."

"David, thanks for the offer for New Year's Eve! I have a few more calls to see what's going on tomorrow and then I'm going to weigh my options. I haven't even settled the debate on which city I'm going to spend it at yet. I'll give you a call tomorrow when I know for sure. Sarah."

"You're awful, you know that?"

I eventually worked out a plan: score an invite to at least two more parties back at school and then accept David's invitation. If David gave me an insincere invite, I would have places to fall back on and I wouldn't have made the drive for nothing.

Poor David's party was lacking. I made 5 people, and I was the only chick. While the others watched 12 Monkeys, David and I stood in the kitchen and gathered all the information that we were too distracted to get last time. There was a definite vibe coming from him that my invite was sincere.

After an hour and a half of standing in his friend's kitchen and drinking beer, my phone began to ring incessantly. The other two parties wanted to know where I was. David drained another beer, "You know of other parties?"

"Yup, the one I went to last year that I had such a good time at is not a mile from here."

"You wanna go?"

"Your friends won't miss you?"

"Naw, it's cool."

We grabbed our coats and made our way to his truck. He opened the door for me, I swooned and kissed him. I made my usual party entrance into Bryan's house: people saw me and screamed my name and cheered (sometimes I have no idea why I left that place).

Bryan, the boy I hooked up with last NYE, meet David, this year's slot. Maybe this is why I left that place. We drank and socialized with my circle of friends and then the door opens. In walks two families. Families. Two middle-aged women and their children. I cannot cannot be drunk around children. I gathered David and a couple of boys and headed to the third party at a bar downtown.

Because of the blue law in the south, only one place was open. State law says no bar can be open on Sundays unless it earns half its revenue from food sales. Even at that, last call is at 11:50. I bought a round of drinks when the band began announcing the time.

I eyed David, "Are you going to be my midnight kiss?"

"I think I can make that happen."

"Because, if not," I pointed to the crowded bar behind me and flashed a sinister smile, "I'm sure I can find it elsewhere."

David wrapped his arms around me, "No, I want to be it."

And just like that people were counting and David and I leaned in to each other and kissed a long slow kiss. I turned and looked at another friend of mine who came out with us. He was sort of standing off to the side, watching everybody celebrate. His glass of champagne was empty and my heart lurched for him. I walked up to him and grabbed his face and kissed him and gave him a hug.

Not five minutes after midnight, they were ushering everyone out of the bar. I can only imagine how many establishments lost money by being forced to be closed. Driving back to Bryan's party, I popped a cork of champagne and took a swig from the bottle and passed it on to David.

We stumbled back to more cheers and thankfully the children had left. Conor was there and his girlfriend was already passed out on the couch, under a comforter. I don't understand why she couldn't have done that a week ago at the Christmas party. The silly antics and socializing really began as I drank the rest of our champagne from a Dixie cup and administered shots of vodka between Conor, David, Bryan, and I.

When I was in conversation with someone else, I heard Bryan turn to David and ask, "So are you with Sarah? Are y'all dating?"

And David gave a pretty emphatic no. It was less than, "Oh god no," but more than "Not really." If I was being honest, it was much closer to "Oh god no," then the latter.

Which is fine, I'm a big girl. He does live an hour away and I only just met him last week, but I was so embarrassed he would say that to my friend. That he would imply with his rather emphatic no that I wasn't someone worth being with. Moreover, to my friend I was very briefly involved with. My feelings weren't hurt; my pride was hurt.

I guess David just answered my question on whether he was being sincere or just a gentleman with me. Since I wasn't a part of the conversation, I didn't react to it. After I was done talking to a friend I sat down on the couch and took some more photos of friends. David collapsed on the couch next to me and put his arm around me.

What the hell. I just heard him say that he wasn't interested in me in pretty much any capacity and then he puts his arm around me. It pissed me off. He would talk to my friends about me like that and then be affectionate towards me-- I don't understand what he's thinking.

He caressed my shoulder with the side of his thumb and I leaned my head against him. It was getting late and I was not a part of the conversation and technically I'm not supposed to know anything. We sat and watched everyone party; the two of us were pretty drunk and tired.

David says quietly, "I guess I should take you back to your car."

Remembering the conversation I had with him before I made the drive, that if I come up to school, I need to spend the night at school. I had finagled Conor's couch, but Conor was drinking 10 feet away, and I was pretty much done with the party as well. "Do you want to get some food?" thinking that food will allow me to drive home.

"No, if I eat, I'll throw up."

Okay then. He picked up my hand in his truck and put it in his lap. I thought back over the night to see if I had said or done anything to make David say what he did. I couldn't come up with anything; I was on good behavior: I didn't talk too much or say anything wildly shocking or inappropriate. "Okay, well have a good night," and I slid out of his truck and into my own.

I stopped at a gas station and refilled my tank and bought a bag of Combos to soak the alcohol before I made the 30 mile drive to my father's house, where the closest bed lay. Leave it to me to bring out the inner asshole of even the nicest of people.


Two Drink Girl said...

I know he hurt you, and I totally see where your emotions are coming from. But I think he just meant that you just met and nothing had gotten that far yet. Truthfully, you were just having fun, right? What would you have said if someone said "well, now that you've spent 3 sober minutes with this guy, are you going to start a relationship with him?" I would've said no (shockingly) to that too. I think the question just caught him off guard.

And I talk to much. Sorry.

Sarah said...

It was a resounding no that pretty much closed any windows of opportunity. If he had asked me, I would have given a squiffy non-answer. But then again, girls are a lot more articulate in that area (with our squiffy non-answers).

Jen said...

Hate it, absolutely hate it when their actions say one thing and words say another.

Stupid boys. And this one is definitely a boy!

M said...

hm, I think he was being a typical drunk boy (agreed with jen, definitely not manly)! But why must they be so typical? And is being male really an excuse for being an idiot anyway? I think not. I'm sure you did absolutely nothing wrong as you are pretty special (not special ed like me, but you know, the nice special).

Indiana said...

And we all know that "squiffy non-answers" are just what the guy is looking for?

Sarah said...

Jen- stupid boys. Indeed.

M- I'm definitely special ed, I'm just good at hiding it on paper. Erm, the screen. :)

Indy- Bryan wouldn't care one way or another what I said. My point is a squiffy non-answer isn't a no.

pinkjellybaby said...

i'm with two drink girl on this one. perhaps becasue he was talking to you friend he wasn't sure what to say and didn't want it to get back to you that he was all moony and mushy about you.
and it would have scared you off if he'd said 'hell yeah and i think i love her'
why not see him a few more times in better settings and then see how it goes?

adventure boy said...

It seems David was taken off guard by Bryan's question. How would you have felt if he'd said (after having met him only a few times) "Yeah sure we're dating!"? That, to me, would have appeared even stranger.

See, I think he was trying to walk a fine line between not appearing too interested (not cool) and not being too cold (also not cool). So I don't interpret his saying that you're not dating as a closed window of opportunity, but rather as a result of the binary nature of Bryan's stupid question.

It reminds me of the movie Prime (which, I admit, I saw yesterday night - synchronicity etc lol). There's a scene where David (Bryan Greenberg - and I won't try to analyse the synchronicity between his name/role's name and your experience *smile*), who's on a third movie date with a girl, has just met Rafi (Uma Thurman) and ends up at a post-movie dinner with her and her two friends. At this, explicitly non-drunken, dinner the gay friend of Rafi (incidentally David's friend) asks David point-blank if he and the girl are dating, whereupon David says "No" and the girl simultaneously says "Yes since a few weeks". Consternation ensues. The resulting brief discussion is interesting in terms of what it means "to date".

I'm just trying to make you see that David may not be an asshole but that he was cornered. Go with your feelings instead and call him up.

Sarah said...

Pink Jellybaby- I wasn't expecting a yes, just not such a definitive no. I'm not contacting him, we'll see what he does with this.

Adventure Boy- Look at the reasons movie David said no. He said no because he was clearly interested in someone else. Had he not met her, I'm not so sure what his answer would have been. I remember feeling bad for that girl when he said it!

Lil said...

dang girl, ya shoulda said something to him! - part of the conversation or not, I woulda. LOL!

*hearting* the drunken crotch shots below. HILARIOUS!

general_boy said...

Hmmm... this is a bit of an uncomfortable flashback to a life I left behind... the drunken, ambiguos conversations and the relationships based on them, and the drunken, risky drives home and the near misses based on them...

I think Bryan might be completely in the dark. Maybe he deserves a chance to explain himself? Just my two cents. :)

Princess said...

I agree with what Mez said - although not with her being "special ed." In any case, I still think he was just more emphatic than he meant to be because of the alcohol. But... I don't know. That's what I would tell MOST people - however, although yours is worse than mine, we still have similar dating lives and, well, who knows? Maybe you should just say something to him and at least give him the chance to explain? Then see if his explanation jibes with you or not. Trust your gut, chicky!

Miss Natalie said...

So typical for us girls to get upset by a guy even when we're not interetsed in him grrrr...

Phil said...

Conversations between the 'new' person in someones life and an ex tend to be fraught with danger.

Like you commented above; see what does next but his lack of conversational balls is not a good start.

Sarah said...

Lil- I didn't like him enough to make that big of a deal out of it. Next please!

General Boy- So... this gets better, right?

Princess- My gut says not to spend anymore time deciphering and to move on.

Phil- I'm with you on that.


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