~Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best or Worst? Results

The majority voted worst.

But I tricked you. I actually tried that line twice (with about 5 years in between uses).

I had mixed results, so everybody wins!

The guy I had been infatuated with in high school was transferring to a performance arts targeted school. He was so painfully shy outside of the stage that had we not been in drama club together, I would have never known what his voice sounded like.

And he had the most beautiful hair. He had the butt cut. I was so in love with the butt cut after Newsies. Honestly, I still have a thing for the butt cut. And this kid had the Christian Bale butt cut. I sat diagonally from him in Latin, I think, and I used to imagine myself running my fingers through his hair. Mmmm.

So it was his last day at our school and I thought, I'll never see him again. Who cares if I make an ass out of myself? I told him in front of our entire class that I loved his hair so much, I wanted to strip down and run through it naked. Oh, yes I did.

The Boy Who Never Spoke was mortified. He would have voted worst. He actually moved desks and sat next to another girl from drama to get away from me.

I never thought again about it until a few years later when I got cast in a play. That he wrote. And then we had to spend countless days and nights together. That was a little more than awkward. I think I mumbled an apology when we both ended up behind the curtain backstage together and I spent the rest of the time avoiding the hell out of him.

I revived the line once in college where it was appreciated much more.

And by someone, in retrospect, who probably wasn't gay.


Walter said...

Okay. :)

SuvvyGirl said...

LOL I didn't read either of your posts till today. I think it's kind of cute. I actually don't know of any guy that wouldn't like it. I mean what guy wouldn't like a pretty girl saying something about being naked. :P

Sarah said...

Walter- Yeah what did you call it? Something retarded?

Suvvygirl- And that was my exact line of thinking at the time. And it's also why I'm now convinced he's gay.

Phil said...

Hee! Oh Sarah you crack me up. He was probably thinking "Oh crap I just got my hair looking good and she wants to do what?"

Ahem, you're probably right on the gayness.

Scorpy said...

If a girl, in High School, had said that to me in front of the entire class I would have been the talk of the school...oh..wait, I was the talk of the school LOL.. Well I was after I took 'Asian Social Studies (ASS)' instead of 'Industrial Drawing'...the ASS class had 26 girls and ME :)

M said...

ROFL! I still stand by my statement! I would be totally perplexed if someone said that to me and would probably laugh my head off. Now laughing is good in my books but I think the person saying it might not appreciate my laugh.

James said...

I'll change my vote - I was thinking about a guy using the line on a girl. If a girl were to use it on me it would work for the reason suvvygirl gives - although given that I've pretty short hair, it would be pretty odd!

Lil Bit said...

I'm just reading both posts today, but I think any line that especially a GIRL initiates w/"I just wanna run naked ..." has GOT to be a hit. LOL
I'm snagging it for uses untold. ;)

Hope you had a nice Valentine's, girl!

Sarah said...

Phil- Oh you just sent my mind into the gutter over what I would have done to his hair.

It's always the gay one. Hmph.

Scorpy- I took an ASS class in college too! Only it was called American Short Story. Once I forgot to retitle a paper and handed it in as my ASS paper. My prof was not happy.

M- I would appreciate your laugh any day of the week!

James- See? I knew talking about being naked would work with a STRAIGHT man!

Lil Bit- Steal away! LOL!

londongirl said...

What a line. As m said, it would probably, at best, make the guy laugh. I'm more intrigued about the guy it DID work on. Please tell us that story!

Walter said...

I said, "I can't see that as an actual pick up line, it just sounds like something retarded to say to get someone to laugh, provided the timings right."

I think the timing was right, if he was hetero, but see if any other ladies in the class got his homo vibe. I'm guessing you didn't see any of his "preference signs" since you got blinded by his hair.

Steph said...

That guy is obviously gay. I think that's hands down the BEST pick up line i ever heard!!

coyotemike said...

Just going around letting a few people know: Amber had to go in yesterday for an emergency apendectomy. She is fine, but loopy, and should be home by now. All is well with her job.

socal sweetie said...

LOL, i think that's a pretty funny pickup line. Too bad he didn't have a good sense of humor about it.

dont eat token said...

You rock.

He didn't deserve such wonderful pairing of the senses.

Dazza said...

Hey, you had the guts to say it... I spent my whole school years never saying anything to anyone about how I felt... doh!

(in Copenhagen, Denmark)


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