~Saturday, June 23, 2007


These bandages cover more than scrapes,
cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes
--Hot Hot Heat, "Bandages"

Scott and I are both damaged.

But for right now at least it's on the outside.

I'm still healing from my accident and he sliced his finger up pretty badly working in the kitchen. We were sitting on my couch and inspecting each other's wounds, laughing at the dysfunctional pair we looked like.

"I almost didn't put any Band-Aids on today, that way I could get a Superman one," he said as he nodded towards my palm. On it was the giant Superman bandage that I thought I would never get any use out of when I bought the box of Band-Aids. I chose the Superman ones for the irony: he's the Man of Steel and yet he's a bandage--Superman would never ever need a Band-Aid. Surprisingly, guys get really excited when they see Superman in my bathroom.

I smiled and lifted my palm to him, displaying my bandage, "Not only is he the Man of Steel, but he also fights infection!" I laughed.

Scott leaned away from me and looked into my eyes. It was a subtle double-take, but one in a good way. His face softened as he looked at me. "Come here," he said as he grabbed me and kissed me. "You are such a nut."

He melted and kissed me as a reward for my joke, but instead I felt guilty because it was half-stolen. Earlier that week a coworker was making fun my Superman bandages. "Did you put Neosporin on the wound?" he asked, "So he can also fight infection?"

Here's this guy who is seemingly so great to me, and he melted over words that weren't mine. When is he going to realize that I'm not as special as he thinks? Granted, I'm the one that chose the Superman ones and wore them proudly. I made the Man of Steel jokes. I even thought to reuse the joke, and I probably said it in a charming way. But the words weren't mine. And we all know how important words are to me.

What Scott doesn't realize is that he actually adores my half-Mexican coworker named Mike.


Two Drink Girl said...

All words are stolen ones...if you feel that bad, just let him know that Mike is a clever man.

Amber said...

Stop. Stop that right now!

You are already starting to go on self-destruct mode and look for reasons (read: excuses) as to why this isn't going to work and why Scott could never possibly REALLY like you.

Which is crap. Nobody ever feels as smart/special/whatever as they truly are.

Be your own kind of beautiful, Sarah. And accept that someone else sees that as well.


melissa said...

to repeat what amber said: "STOP!" there is no reason to do into sabatouge (?) mode. Here is a great guy who obviously is totally into you and you keep trying to see the (nonexistent) negative in the whole thing. This is a good thing and you deserve it, especially after how crappily Jack treated you. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

You've got it all wrong Sarah...he doesn't adore the words that were said, he adores the person who said them.

Jen said...

Stop being so hard on yourself. You may have reused the joke but what you have to remember that the key to a good joke is good timing and delivery. And those are all yours...

dont eat the token said...

The odds are pretty great that you would have thought that up on your own!

And it doesn't sound like you just parroted it back.

Words are important but I'm sure even Hemingway picked up a couple lines from the locals.

Drama Queen said...

Sorry but you don't just fall for words. Its all in the delivery. . .I think you did just fine :-)

londongirl said...

I think Scott likes you.



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