~Friday, June 22, 2007

Uptown Girl and Her Downtown Man

Scott called the same afternoon. And the next. And the next. Each time I thought he was calling to tell me about the damage I did to the motorbike, but he never brought it up. He was concerned about me. He asked how well I was getting around (not very), how many anti-inflammatories I was taking (a lot), and how I was feeling (better, now that he had called).

"He's using that as his in!" exclaimed Helen. "He's using your accident as an excuse to be in contact with you. Am I right, guys? Am I right?" She looked at our friend who took a moment and then tilted his head to the side and shrugged.

We were actually sitting at The Musician's show when I told everybody about my meeting Scott. The girls cooed while their eyes glazed over and wistfully spoke about destiny. Even my guy friends admitted, "That's a 'how Grandma met Grandpa' story." However, I'm too cynical and scared to get caught up in that.

The Musician never called and I was okay with that because I had this incredibly nice guy hanging around who seemed interested in me. Scott had actually tried to come out with me to The Musician's show, but I was relieved when he got caught up at work.

I poured another beer into my glass from the pitcher. "But Scott is so different than anyone I've ever dated."

"That's a good thing, Sarah," the girls told me. "You always date the same kind of guy and look what happens," they said, referring to Jack. "How is he different?"

"I go for the yuppie professionals. Scott is chipped-toothed and tattooed and works at a motorbike shop; he's blue collar."

"Do you think he's cute?"

"He's adorable."

"This is going to be good for you. I have a feeling about this," spoke up Helen. "You deserve a nice guy--you really, really do."

The band was setting up on stage and doing a sound check. An odd bass pluck or a keyboard tinkle accented the generic bar noise. Suddenly Radiohead's "Karma Police" began to play very loudly and very distinctly on the piano. I stopped cold and turned around to face the stage.

The Musician was looking straight at me.

On our date just four days earlier, I asked him if he knew how to play "Karma Police." He didn't. And I asked him to learn it and play it for me. Four days later, I got my song. No one else in the bar noticed or thought of it any differently, but I waved and smiled and blew kisses at him. The Musician and I were divided by a stage and an entire roomful of people, yet we shared this private moment. This shared secret.

I turned back to my friends and grinned ear to ear, "He does like me!" However, I don't know why he would not call but learn and play a song for me like that. Very confusing indeed.

Scott called several times during the show and talked me into coming by the shop when I got back in the city. So when the show ended, I blew out the door. At 2:30 a.m. I pulled behind the bike shop and honked my horn. Scott appeared in blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt and unlocked and opened the gate for me to enter. It was the first time I had seen him since the night we met.

I walked up to him and he wrapped his arms around me. I lightly kissed his neck and nuzzled into his chest. Instead of starch, the boy smelled of motor oil--and I was okay with that.


Peach said...

stand back stand back they're lining up...

Amber said...

I adore how affectionate he is with you. He doesn't think twice about kissing, wrapping his arms around you, cuddling, etc.

This is a very, very, good thing! :)

anna said...


SuvvyGirl said...

Okay good move on the Musicians part. The reason he probably didn't call was because he was busy learning the song. But I still like Scott. And I agree that it's a good thing that he is different than the other guys you have dated. Those white collar boys can suprise you and they are usually the one's who are more willing to give you the world than anyone else. So what else happened after you got to the bike shop???

Anonymous said...

The coolest thing about Scott and The Musician is that they are two entirely different types of guys. That way you're not getting any crossover and you're free to have the best of both worlds for a while. IDEAL, especially in the summer when according to 'Guy' you should never be in a relationship. My best friend and I have always had this theory but in actuality I've never really been able to execute the summer of a million dates.

From my outside experience in musician dating (my bf has a thing for musicians) they're a bit on the shy side.

Scott sounds like a great guy that may have promise, and a wise girl once commented to me "And if the sex is good, just keep him on the side. heheh :)"


dont eat the token said...

I'm lovin' the affection in S.

Though I thought that was blue collar? Up here mechanics would be blue collar. My J. is all blue collar and I love it!

They usually have strrrong hands!

Sarah said...

See I don't even know what it's called. Er, fixed!

dont eat the token said...

Coolio. I bet he will admire your work and talents more than you can imagine, too!


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