~Wednesday, June 20, 2007


When the waitress returned to The Musician and my table, he stuck his hands up mockingly, "Is it okay if I order an appetizer? I'm hungry."

I looked down. We walked up to the restaurant I chose, but the wait was ridiculous, so we left and sat down at the pizza place next door. I had chosen the restaurant, I asked the wait time, I said we should leave if it's really going to be an hour and a half, and I walked into the pizza place. If I notice someone not stepping up, I will take control. So when the waitress asked if we wanted an appetizer, I said no.

I had my sandwich picked out, but The Musician wanted to split a pizza. In an effort to be compromising, I relinquished the control. It really can't be a flattering personality trait.

After beer and breadsticks, things loosened up with The Musician and me. He was a half-hour late picking me up and I think we were both snippy because we were so hungry.

"Sorry I didn't call you back last night," he began, "band practice went late."

I nervously laughed, "I didn't think you were going to call."

"You thought I was going to stand you up?"


The Musician softened, "No, it was just awkward last night because all the guys were around and you said you were confirming. Only dentists 'confirm.'"

"Well it was awkward for me too to have to call you! I thought you only said yes at the restaurant to be agreeable." He lifted his head and I knew immediately I was right. My eyes widened in embarrassment--I bullied this person to go on a date with me. How incredibly horrifying.

"I'm here now! Do I look like I'm here against my will?"


"Well okay then."

The Musician talked a lot about his ex. His ex named Sarah. "Yeah, if things got serious with us, I'm not sure I could ever say 'I love you, Sarah' again."

Sheesh. "Well would it help if you called me something different? I have tons of nicknames I answer to."

He wanted to know about my past relationships, but I'm just not good with the opening up to complete strangers bit. So I chose and ex from five years ago and told him about that. Things lightened up and got incredibly flirty, but in hindsight, I wonder if it was because he was into me or just testing the boundaries.

After the meal was over, we picked up his car from the valet and headed back to my place. I was pleased when he asked if he could come in. I opened a bottle of wine and I got The Musician's story: why he quit his photography gig to wait tables, what it's like to be almost 30 and not know what to do with his life, the band.

Between stories he'd look at me, "What are you thinking?"

When you're going to stop talking and stick your tongue in my mouth. Instead I just smiled and said, "Nothing. Just listening to you."

"You have the most mischievous glimmer in your eyes."

He's not the first person to say that and I love it about myself. Eventually The Musician moved from my leather armchair to the couch with me. And we sat there and talked until 2 a.m. All in all, I'd say the date started off shaky but went very well.

"So, call me this week. Remember we have two shows this weekend."

"Yeah, I don't know which one we're going to, but we will definitely make one or the other."

"Why not both?"

I gave the mischievous glimmer, "What do I get if I go to both?"

"What do you want?" He quipped just as slyly.

"Well, I'm not going to call you. You call me if you want to go out again, that way I know I didn't force you out with me."

"I'll call you."


Amber said...

He sounds so cute, Sarah.

With the exception of talking about his ex - obviously there's some healing that still needs to take place there.

I think your take-charge attitude is great! And I agree: the date sounds like it started off a bit shaky, but then went really, really, well.

Now if only he'll get the clue the next time around and not be a dumb boy! Don't they understand we WANT them to stick their tongues in or mouths so we know whether or not we want them to do it again or if they're going to be relegated to "friend only status"? Sheesh!

Ashi said...

That is really strange, normally girls want to dish about the ex and guys want to stay as far away from the topic as they can!

dont eat the token said...


I'm glad it ended flirty.

Blue Soup said...

Where do you get these unbelievably complicated fellows Sarah? I wasn't liking him at the start of the post, but by the end I loved him to bits so I really hope he calls (or has called, knowing your tendency to blog ages later). Seems like a nice sensitive chap (are you going to get bored though?).


general_boy said...

When you're going to stop talking and stick your tongue in my mouth.

solid gold.

Anonymous said...

I'm with general_boy - LOVE the thought...so true!!

My favorite was the end though - I'm not going to call you. I WISH I had the nerve to say something like that at the end of the date!

It sounds like you've found yourself a capricorn (just a guess) or one with those tendencies...he'll take control once he's comfy and the fact that he spoke up about the apps is a good sign.

Finally - he may have brought up the ex to see what baggage you have and let you know about his...sort of a round about way to say - ok I'm not perfect like your friends think (don't they totally idolize him?) I have a bunch of bs crap just like every other normal guy. Don't forget he's real, just like you.

Sarah said...

Amber- Why do I always end up sounding like a guy?!?!

Ashi- Ha! See above :)

Don't Eat The Token- Yeah, I was not happy with the whole feeling like a bully thing, but he really did turn around.

Blue Soup- Ha! I've been double-timing my posts all week to get caught up! So much to say!

General Boy- I'm a classy lady :)

M-joy- That's a VERY good point, I never thought of it like that! My friends do think the world of him!

Venting said...

He sounds great, except for talking about his ex. Maybe there's more baggage there than you want?

Ashi said...

Hmm....that would be an intelligent breed of male indeed....using his baggage to gauge your baggage! Either way, he seems cool, good luck!


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