~Tuesday, June 19, 2007

define: inauspicious

Because The Musician works exactly a mile from Jack's house, I brought along Jack's things and was going to shove them in his mailbox after we were done at the restaurant. I said as much to all my friends.

So, of course because this is my life we're talking about, when I pull up in front of Jack's house, I see Jack standing in the driveway. At 10 PM on a Thursday.

I lowered my window and called out his name.

Jack walked up to my truck. I couldn't see his face because the lights were reflected in his glasses. "What are you doing here?"

"I came by to give you your stuff back and get mine."

"Did you call?"


"Well your book is on my shelf. Let me go get it."

I could have said that I was that I was nearby, but didn't. I could have said that I explained my stopping by to my friends, but didn't. I don't think I even mentioned the mailbox. This looks bad. Very bad indeed.

Jack came back up to my window and thrust my book towards me.

"I wasn't stalking you," I nervously laughed.

"Well you see how it could look that way, Sarah."

So no, it doesn't look like I will get getting out of this with my dignity. Awesome.


SuvvyGirl said...

What a dick. He was definately not what he seemed. I thought he might be good for you when you first wrote about him at the beginning. But I quickly changed my mind. Dropping his things off is perfectly viable. Plus he had something of yours. God help the poor woman who actually stays with him and puts up with his crap. Maybe he's gay. :P LOL

Single Girl said...

Who cares what he thinks? He sucks! He'd be lucky to have a girl like you stalking him!

Anonymous said...

What a complete dick. He'll definitely make some girl completely happy (I mean unhappy) some day!

You are so much better off with out him.

Amber said...

I'm surprised that with his head being as far up his ass as it is, that he knew where the book was at. Actually, scratch that, I'm surprised he even knows what a book is!

You deserve better than someone who probably watches donkey porn to get off when he's home alone.

I agree with single girl - "who cares what he thinks!"

You have handled this entire situation with more grace and class and DIGNITY, then he could muster in his entire, tiny, penis. And everyone around, but especially the ones that matter, knows this.

Jack can go fuck himself. He can walk around thinking whatever he wants to about this situation, but deep down... he knows he's a narcissistic pig!

Just go on with your awesome self now, Miss Sarah! You've got men waiting to get their number, to get into the line, to go out with you.

Beyonce's "Irreplacable" keeps running through my head now. You should watch the video on yahoo music or something, lol.

Karen said...

Hhhmm, this guy is sounding more and more jerky- good thing he's now really out of the picture! I completely agree with suvvygirl and really, nothing wrong with the stuff exchange (even though it's always terribly awkward).

On to better and more interesting boys, like the Musician! Although anyone who doesn't find a good STD joke completely hilarious and needs it explained is usually a bad sign...but obviously, I'm terrible at judging lol.

Anonymous said...

weird that you got a stalking vibe, I would've never thought that. You're done, you're cleaning house (figuratively and literally) get his shit out and get your own back. Nothing to read into.

Besides the first time he comments for sympathy about that he thinks you're stalking him and someone says - oh she's dating a guy that doesn't live far from you...it's going to shut his mouth quick. YOU don't ever have to explain yourself to anyone.

dont eat the token said...

Sweets, no need to justify your dropping by to get rid of his stuff.

He doesn't define you and you don't need his permission. I'm glad it was abrupt for him, he didn't have a chance to "give you permission."

I'm so glad it's over with him. Brava!


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