~Friday, June 29, 2007

I lost

I took a couple of days to think about Scott's boyfriending. In the meantime, we went to another happy hour at The Musician's restaurant.

The Musician who still hasn't called.

He ran into Helen before I even arrived. "Oh you guys are here tonight?" he asked her excitedly. "Where are y'all sitting?"

I looked at Helen skeptically, "He was excited?"

"Yup. He said it just like that."

Shortly thereafter The Musician came out to visit me. He greeted me with a hug and showed me his stained shirt, "I brought some food for you."

I leaned my head away from it and gave him a look. He. hasn't. called. And now he's standing in front of me acting like nothing happened.

He pointed to the guitar player, "Is he any good?"

"Of course, he plays whatever we tell him to."

"Except for "Karma Police," he smiled. He is so proud of himself for learning it and playing it for me.

"Yes, I know! It was so classy the way you just started playing it."

We spoke for a few more minutes before he hurried off back to his tables. I turned around and my friends stared at me with their mouths open, "He was really flirty with you."

"Do you think?"

Four girls nodded, "Definitely. What are you going to do?"

"Nothing I guess. I'm still figuring out things with Scott and The Musician didn't mention anything about going out again. I'm okay with that; I have Scott."

And you know what? He still hasn't called.



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