~Friday, June 15, 2007

Typical Drunken Me

With a new fabulous shirt purchased and hair restored to summer blonde and professionally ironed, I was sitting at a table watching The Musician set up.

"What do I do?" I leaned over and whispered to Harvey, "I've met him once and I'm at his show. Do I approach him, do I wait for him to approach me?"

"Quick, he's looking over here. Laugh!" and Harvey leaned her head back and laughed like I just said something hilarious.

In the end, I opted for the wave.

In the bar, my group of friends made the largest group there. When The Musician had a solo, my friends cheered extra loudly for him. They really are the most supportive group of friends I ever had. They also watched him to see when he was looking at me. Obviously it was a job I couldn't do myself without being labeled as creepy. According to Helen and her boyfriend, their conversation went something like this:

BF: He's looking at her. He's looking at her again. He just checked her out again.
Helen: Don't tell Sarah or she'll get nervous.
BF: He's looking at her again.
It reminded me of the other musicians I've dated and the reason I liked them. They would be on stage performing, but checking me out. It's their time to shine, but they are more concerned with what I'm doing. It makes me feel special. I need to feel special. I haven't felt special in so long.

During their first break, we still hadn't spoken. The band went outside to do whatever they do outside, so I got up to meet one of Mel's friends. This was when the rest of our group saw the entire band peering through the bar window at where I used to be sitting. They were looking for me. So when I saw The Musician approach the bar for a drink, I went to say hello.

"Are you having a good time?"

"Of course! We have buckets of beer and my friend brought mini bourbon bottles from his recent visit to the distillery. Believe me, we're having a good time. Hey, your band sang 'Happy Birthday' to my friend, did you remember I told you it was her birthday?"

"No, apparently someone in your group asked the lead singer... I mean, yes. Yes, I did remember."

I grinned.

He continued, "Well in this set, you're going to see a lot more of me."

"Am I going to get any love?" I winked.

The Musician kept his promise. We he made his first round dancing through the bar, he came up and danced against me. And the second time he worked his way into our dance circle and danced with me.

Two song sets, and 2 buckets of beer followed by 2 mini bourbon bottles later, the show was over. We had a fabulous time and we have the drunken photos to prove it. I approached the Musician, thinking I was only a little tipsy, not nearly as tanked as I actually was.

I also didn't realize exactly how tanked the rest of my friends were.

When The Musician and I stepped outside to talk, my friends opened the bar door and screamed, "Herpes! Herpes! Herpes!" as loudly as they could. Oh yes they did.

Then our conversation went something like this:

"Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, we did! (pause) I'm a lil drunk."

"You should stay with friends tonight instead of driving back to the city." So it was obvious that I was more than a "lil drunk," awesome.

"We'll see."

"I was nervous you were coming."

"But I brought the biggest group! I guess we can be intimidating in a group that size."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Do you think it's weird? I do."


"That I've only met you once and I'm at your show. That my friends know you better than I do, just by seeing you play. It's a little weird."

"I don't really think of it that way. (Pause) We have another show on the 15th."

"I know. My friends were talking about it and I said I couldn't go unless I get the invite from you. Otherwise if I just show up, I'll look all crazy and stalkery." And admitting this out loud looks just as crazy and stalkery.

"Well you're invited then."


"I think I have band practice tomorrow." Read: we're not going out on Sunday.

"That's cool." (pause) "But we're gonna go out again before your next show right?"

"Uh, sure."

Way to play it cool there, Sarah. We walked back inside and the drunk friends then proceeded to get him to sign my friend's birthday poster and pose for pictures with them.

My friends posed for pictures with my date.

They see him as The Musician that they've been following for years. Because I had never been to a show of his before, I don't see him that way. I know him from the sushi bar and from outside on the patio when he said he was nervous I was coming.

Fortunately for me, he loved the attention.


Amber said...

Oh God... this had me laughing just has hard the second time around as it did the first!

You really do have a great group of friends; despite yelling "herpes" to the New One.

I loved the "he's checking her out again!" "don't tell her or she'll get nervous!" part, lol.

dont eat the token said...

He's totally into you.

Every time you wrote bucket - I pictured KFC. I have deep fried chicken on the brain. Clearly.

Sarah said...

Amber- I won the friends over Jack, yea!

Don't Eat The Token- Ha! Er the 5 bottles in the bucket. Yeah that was my liquor count, not the groups-- the 2 buckets of beer and the 2 mini bottles of bourbon. I remember opening the first bourbon bottle and thinking "Oh this is such a bad idea."

dont eat the token said...

Sweets, what can I say? If you can't feel your calves you've gone too far.

I'm assuming you had a safe night/ride home and that's what's MORE important!

Blue Soup said...

Well hurrah for this!!!! Wee, I am so excited for you! x

adam b said...


...and, delightful to read.

Good for you, Ms. bucket-'o-love!


xx,adam b. ~~(don't mind me. I really need a date!)

Sarah said...

Dont Eat The Token- Yeah I did!

Blue Soup- Thanks!

Adam- One of these days I'm going to go out with a boy and not get drunk!

Nomes said...

""Quick, he's looking over here. Laugh!" and Harvey leaned her head back and laughed like I just said something hilarious."

Oh my God that's so funny, I think a bit of wee came out! :) Seriously, I remember this feeling soooooo well...hell, I'm probably still guilty of it myself.

Take care of yourself, and good luck avec TM.


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