~Monday, June 18, 2007

The peering-in-through-windows thing is getting a little weird

Almost a week later and I had not heard from The Musician. I began to wonder if me and my 12 closest friends in drunken stupors were a bit too much for him. But whatever, I refuse to apologize for it. It was Saturday night, we were in a bar, and it was my friend's birthday--what did he expect?

Damn you, mini bourbon bottles. I knew you were trouble.

On my first (and only?) date with The Musician, he told me about a summer special the restaurant he waits at has on Thursdays: all-you-can-eat appetizers for free as long as you're drinking. My friends and my three greatest loves are 1) food, 2) booze, and 3) getting one or the other for free.

In typical The-Musician form, my friends already alerted me that he had seen our table and had hid outside peering in. A few beers later and I ran into him on my way back from the bathroom. "Come say hi to us when you get a chance," I said casually.

The Musician stopped by twice that night. He apologized for not getting to us sooner.

I made my friends apologize for the herpes incident, "Uh yes," Harvey stammered. "Sarah does not have herpes. Sometimes I drink too much and scream STD names." The fact that this even had to be cleared up still blows me away.

"We asked the guitar player to play "The Power of Love," but he didn't know it," I frowned.

"He did play "Dead or Alive!" So The Musician was paying attention to the outside tables even though he wasn't working them.

"Uh, yeah, because we told him to!" And time to change subjects, "So... the weekend..."

"What about it?"

"Are we getting together?"

He said he was busy for most of the weekend, including band practice on Sunday.

"Okay, then what about next week?"

"You tell me."

So we set up another date on Monday. He ran off to attend his tables and I looked back at my friends and grimaced. I just had to do all the work again.

"He likes you," Helen butted in before I could verbally protest. "He's just really nervous."

I have to agree that he's nervous--it's pretty obvious by his body language--but I still couldn't tell why. Was it because I wouldn't leave him alone, or did he really have an interest in me?

I guess I would find out Monday, the end of a very long weekend in which I had dates set up with 2 other guys.


Anonymous said...

Ok so today is TUESDAY at 9:42 am EDT...c'mon already I'm dying to hear!!

And the only person that doesn't think it's cute the guy is nervous is the girl that likes him.

Drama Queen said...

I agree with the above. I think its so cute that he's nervous. I am enjoying hearing how you guys get together. You'll only laugh about it later. . .

dont eat the token said...


Single Girl said...

I agree with m-joy, what happened?! You like keeping us all in such suspense, don't you?


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